08 November 2005

16kgs of butter!

I really don't miss Butter! The day I first started my weight loss I decided not to eat any more butter. This was a fairly hard decision for me as I dearly loved crumpets with lashings of butter, potatoes with lashings of butter, toast dripping with lashings of butter - you get the general idea - yes, lashings of butter on everything.

Any time I need a spread I now use Light Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Spread Portions. They are half a point per serve and one serve is enough to spread two slices of toast or 2 crumpets. When I am cooking I use olive oil spray and when I need butter as an ingredient I use Olive Grove light margarine.

I thought I would miss Butter, but I really don't. I have read that it helps us realise the weight we have lost by visualising it as something like tubs of butter, so I put together a photo of 16kgs of butter (32 x 500g tubs), as this is the weight I have lost since starting.
Any time you feel that you are losing weight too slowly, just measure that weight loss in something like a tub of butter and you will realise that it all adds up and each few hundred grams really makes a difference.
I am so glad the butter is still in the tubs and now not on my hips and thighs!



Philippa said...

Oh, WOW! That really puts it in perspective doesn't it? I have lost 36 tubs! 19 more to go! (my God, that's 55 in total!)

Those small losses really do add up.

Fantastic post - have a great week :)

michelle said...

Geezz I have lost 44 tubs. I love butter to and discovered Laughing Cow from you so thanks for that. Haven't been able to buy any today. Many shops here don't stock the LIte one. Like you I have not had butter since I started this journey.

Sue said...

I use bags of spuds - love picking them up at the supermarket!

Leighanne said...

I will have to have a look for the laughing cow cheese!!
I have not used butter in the last few years either - and suprisingly have not missed it!
If I do go out or to a friends place and there is butter on the sandwhich, I can really taste it now - way to oily for me!!

Jodie said...

It really helps to put things into perspective. I still indulge a little in light margarine but trust me I use no where near the amount I used to!! XX

The Libran said...

Thats amazing all the tubs of butter...lol...yuk...I don't eat margarine or butter now either and don't miss it!!
That guy Fred is totally amazing too isn't he....
Cheers Lynne

Me said...

I have to agree with you - visualising how much you have lost is very motivating !
Take care and have a great week !

M said...

Hmmm may have to check out the laughing cow. I have the ww canola spread but a tub now seems to last me months whereas before I would be buying one every couple of weeks (sometimes sooner).

It is great to see how we can change just one little thing to have this effect.

And you know, you are doing such a fantastic job with your maintenance Suzy. It is so inspiring to come here and read your recipes and what activites you have been doing. You are constantly showing me that real life doesn't have to be left at the door just because you are now living a healthier lifestyle. Thanks xx

Emily said...

Well done on your 32 tubs!!

My WW leader ALWAYS measures your weekly weight-loss is tubs of butter. As in "well done, you lost 1.75 tubs of butter this week" so I often stop at the dairy section at the supermarket and try to count up my 50 tubs :-)

Thinner Nancy said...

Yay for no butter! I have lost 40 500gram blocks! Wow!
Luckily I have never been a big butter fan and would prefer dry toast to toast with butter on.
I am with Sue - I tend to think more along the lines of bags of potatoes (cos they turn into chips - my ex-fav food)


Em said...

Omg I have lost a bit over 68 tubs...... ty for that.. Can you see my smile? lol. I guess I was lucky as I only ate butter/ margarine if I had some raisen toast or a hot scone which was very rare anyway.Take care

Kate said...

This is a great post - thanks for reminding me that I don't really need the margarine! It's been creeping back into my life lately - and crumpets with butter and jam - yum! But I really don't need it. Thank you!

Kellee said...

Goodness me! That's scary. When I was on tour, the bag I was carrying with me was 20kgs, and I had to bat my eyelashes to get strong men to carry it most of the time! No wonder we feel so much more energetic now - we're not lugging all that exta weight around. Good on you.

Mary said...

I thought I would miss butter too but I don't. There are so many good alternatives and it makes eating more fun. I actually feel a little decadent trying new things all the time now. Well done on losing 32 tubs of butter and for maintaining so well! You are a great example of someone who can keep the weight off and still enjoy food.