04 November 2005


The last couple of days the weather has been much warmer here and I have been hanging my budgie (Barry)'s cage out in the porch where it is cooler. Our cat (Mitsie) is an outdoor cat (sleeps in the laundry at night) and is free to do as she pleases in the yard.
Barry has bells in his cage. Mitsie has a bell around her neck (to try and warn birds of prey that she is roaming).
Yesterday I heard the tinkle of bells and I looked out through the back screen door to see if all was OK.
Mitsie was just sitting and staring at Barry. I watched her for ages and she didn't move - just sat and stared.
I then explained to her that even though Barry looked like her next succulent meal, he is actually her brother in this family and must not be eaten.
I told her that we are faced with a lot of tasty sights and smells during the course of our day when we are out, but that doesn't mean we can necessarily eat anything we fancy. I also told her that for the sake of her future health and well-being she should re-consider this particular temptation and realise that the consequences of eating this plump, juicy blue feathered morsel would not be worth it for her. I also explained that she is given a diet of nutritious, delicious food each day by me and an extra indulgence of plump, juicy Barry would be bad for her waistline.
She put her head down and just stared into space for a long time and then sauntered off down the stairs to look for a lizard (much lower in points than Barry, I'm sure)
Thank goodness she listened to my dietary advice (at least this once anyway).


I have added my recipe for Date Scones to my Recipe Blog


Em said...

LOL.... but your story is so true and inspirational especially as its nearly the weekend and for some reason that makes me think its chippie time.... Have a great long weekend

Mello4me said...

hehe very true Sue, we all get tempted by various things and I think that once you can scale the temptation and make it to the other side it makes you a stronger person/cat!!
Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

Bwahaha, you're a crack! Well done on passing on what you have learnt. I'm sure lizards are lower in points too :-) Have a great weekend!

Philippa said...

Oooh, yum, date scones! Will definitely give those a try!

Mitsie should read "French Cats Don't Get Fat"! I saw it in Borders the other day and it's hilarious - a send-up of the French Women Don't Get Fat book, which was actually a pretty good read.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

M said...

Maybe mitsie should eat your scones. They look delicious. Thanks for the laugh.

Have a great weekend :)

michelle said...

LOL very wise words. I hope your cat appreciates them.

Donna said...

Hi suzy funny story and so true LOL
the scones look yummy and oh so delish.
have a great weekend.

Me said...

Thank you for making me smile (even at 2am !!!)
Have a great weekend and take care.

Sue said...

Hilarious! Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh. I wonder if Mitsie could now go on to a career as a Feline Diet Consultant, passing on your sage advice to the rest of her species?

Leighanne said...

Lol...great advice to you cat!!
I love date scones:)

The Libran said...

Once again you have come up with a goodie, thanks again for your comments on my site...I really enjoy them...take care and I am gonna take a peek at your recipe for date scones...
Love Lynne

Thinner Nancy said...

lol .. very good advice to your cat. Our cat wouldn't even contemplate eating a bird .. far to busy sleeping in the sun

Hope you had a great weekend


Julie's journey said...

Like snowball in Stuart Little..."I must not eat a member of the family". So cute and funny. Scones look great must investigate your recipes.

Jaykay said...

Oh I must try those scones, they look so yummy!

And yet another person with so many words of wisdom!

kathrynoh said...

I don't blame your cat for being tempted. That bird looks mighty tasty!

Only joking! The date scones are more my style :)

- u said...

*kisses hugs & more kisses*
am fine. glad to see you are as well! :) am a bit in a "hurt my body through binge eating then skipping a meal then more binging" thing. it's really sick, but i don't really have the time to focus right now. working like mad. hopefully should be back soon.

take care!

Kate said...

Hehe, love the story, and cute cat!!ugr