14 November 2005

Yummy Iced coffee

  • Philippa
  • suggested freezing brewed coffee in ice blocks to make iced coffee I have become "hooked" on iced coffee. So yummy! I use:
    1 low fat Bulla chocolate ice cream (chopped up)
    1 glass low fat milk
    about 6 ice blocks of frozen strongly brewed black coffee

    Blend all together and sprinkle some coffee on top. Delicious! I don't add sugar but you could if needed. A large iced coffee for 1.5 points! I don't even miss the cream, but I guess you could spray on some low fat cream if you really needed it.

    I have added my recipe for Cannelloni to my recipe blog


    Philippa said...

    You're right - it absolutely doesn't need cream. I find that the milk and ice froth up so nicely it kind of resembles cream anyway!

    27 C here today, so an Iced Coffee would hit the spot right about now!

    Have a great week - I will be trying some of your recipes and will let you know how I go!

    Jaykay said...

    I absolutely adore the Iced Coffee Smoothies that you can get at Boost....to die for!!

    M said...

    Wish I drank coffee - that looks sensational. If I squint my eyes just right it would about pass for an iced chocolate. MMmmmmm Iced Chocolate *drool* :)

    Cannelloni looks delicious

    Leighanne said...

    I never thought about chopping the ice cream for the iced coffee - great idea!!
    The cannaloni looks yum!!

    Julie's journey said...

    The iced coffee sounds just the thing for this summer when I get home from work (I will try to be good with the ice creams) and your recipe for cannelloni looks great. May try it on Mark this weekend if we get to stay at home for a meal.

    kathrynoh said...

    The iced coffee looks great. I'd much prefer icecream to cream anyway:)

    Em said...

    I dont like coffee so wont try that but the cannelloni definately looks absolutely delicious.

    Mary said...

    Mmmm, I was wondering how to make cannelloni last night! Dan was eating a Lean Cuisine one and I though, I could do better. Thanks for the recipe :-)