09 December 2005

Empty Nest

Empty nest syndrome they say it is
And it has nothing to do with birds
It's a sadness that comes with losing your kids
and it's almost too awful for words

You go from being so busy and needed
to being alone and sad
You know that it comes to us one and all
But it still just feels so bad

You know that one day they must grow up
And make a life of their own
But it still isn't easy I have to say
To see them all adult and grown

You must always show a happy face
Try to be cheerful and smile
As maybe one day the grandchildren will come
And make all the heartache worthwhile

Copyright ©2006 Slim Suzy

Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis

Things don't seem to be what they were
Nothing seems the same
Everything tends to be a stress
I don't know what to blame

Is it the fact that I'm growing older
Or is there a valid reason
Could it be that my children have gone
Or is it simply the change of season

Whatever it is I wish it would pass
As quickly as it has come
I could go back to being that happy girl
who just loved being a Mum

Copyright ©2006 Slim Suzy

05 December 2005

"Talk" to you all again in 2006


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  • I will post again next year and I will look forward to hearing everyone's news. Be good to yourselves, take care everyone and be happy.
    Sue xxx

    04 December 2005

    Danced the night away!

    We went out on Friday night to DH's work dinner. Meal was horrible (how they could go wrong with Turkey, ham and vegies, I don't know, but they did!) but we had a fantastic night. It was a dinner and musical show. The show was called "Time Warp" and was performed by the local music society. Music from the 50's to the 90's. Great variety and performed really well. We were all dancing in our seats until the show finished and then there was a DJ and we were able to dance, which we did for about an hour and a half. I was totally exhausted at the end of the night, but really happy.

    I wore my new top and just a pair of 7/8th black pants and received quite a few compliments (always welcome). One of the wives who hadn't seen me since last Christmas function asked me where the rest of me was!