13 January 2006

Change your mind

I really believe that our MIND plays the biggest part in losing weight and keeping it off. I have changed my eating habits and slowly but surely the healthy foods I am having are now much more appealing to me than fattening foods. My mouth waters more for a bowl of fresh fruit than a bowl of choccies or chips.

So many people have made so much money promoting all kinds of diets (that usually fail), when really all we need to do is eat healthy, nutritious foods in the right quantities, drink plenty of water and have some exercise on most days and we can maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. Shouldn't cost us much at all, either in money or effort.

(I have posted the recipe for
  • Zucchini Fritters
  • from the Jan/Feb WW Magazine in my Recipe Blog They are quite yummy.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.


    Em said...

    I totally agree with you Suzie, its all about eating healthy foods, exercising and drinking water and its amazing when you make the right choices just how much you can eat in a day. I know how much I love my new lifestyle now. I have so many zuchinis from my vegie garden so am definately going to try those fritters ty. Have a great weekend too cyaaa

    missjesse said...

    Even though I ain't quite there yet, the plate of fruit looks heaps more appealing.

    M said...

    Great cartoon. I do prefer fruit to chocolate but after I have eaten all my fruit for the day I kind of like any extra fruit in my chocolate LOL.

    Great post :D

    Me said...

    You are so right - although I have to say that given the choice of chocolate or fruit, the chocolate still wins hands down BUT I do certainly make much healthier choices with my meals.
    Have a great weekend !

    Jods said...

    Love the cartoon.

    It is so true that the mind plays a powerful part in our journeys. I am still working on making the right choices, but I am starting to realise that I feel so much better when I do.


    Mary said...

    You are so right Suzy. Our minds are pretty powerful. I hope you have a great weekend too :-)