09 January 2006

Choc Chip Cookies

Recipe is in my Recipe Blog

I know it is naughty to eat biscuits, but if I feel like a biscuit with my cuppa it is nice to have a home-made one. Also, DH LOVES choc chip cookies so he luckily eats most of them. This is a really yummy recipe and it makes 30 cookies.

I have put a warning on the bottom of the recipe. Don't eat the raw mixture because it is too yummy and you won't be able to stop! Trust me, two or three of these cookies were consumed by me before baking!

Why I needed to turn the oven on when it is actually a hot day, I don't know, but I had the urge to cook.

I will bake some Sweet Potato chips and we will have those with home-made hamburgers (cooked on BBQ), and salad for tea. (Hamburger recipe is in my Recipe blog)


Em said...

I love homemade hamburgers, I always do mine on george, you have given me another idea... thanx. Enjoy the rest of your day

Catherine said...

I'm glad I find baking so difficult as that would really be my downfall - I love the raw mix!!! Thanks for helping with my profile photo.

Mello4me said...

oh these look just yummo.. I am sure the mixture is dangerous!!! Isn't it always!!!
Take care

Mary said...

I love biscuits with my tea too. Just now I don't eat a whole packet and they're usually not shortbreads, damn. Your biscuits look delis!

Violet said...

Thanks for the tip about buying a mini tramp...it definately sounds like a exercise that would be fun..I will have to get one :)
Love your blog and all the recipes...I had been searching for a corn relish recipe...so Thank-you!!:) Yes, low fat choc chip cookies are one of my family favourites too, they don't last long in our house. lol

M said...

Yu-uuuum :)

Philippa said...

Hi Suzy - I'm back! Hope you're well and had a great Christmas and New Year.

Made your date scones for the family while I was down in Tassie - they were very popular!!

Hope 2006 is a great year for you xx