19 January 2006

Easy Sponge Cake

I just made a sponge cake that I haven't made for years. I was looking through my old recipes and remembered how nice it is.

  • Easy Sponge Cake

  • I have frozen half (before decorating), as there are only the two of us here and I don't want to be too tempted.

    We have 2 pots of strawberries growing and they are finally ripening, so I have topped the cake with sliced strawberries. We don't often have dessert, but we will have this tonight for dessert.

    The actual cake isn't very high in points - it all depends what you put on it, or in it. Anyway it makes a nice treat.

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    Violet said...

    mmm...that looks really yum!! And such an easy recipe...will be making that!! :)