21 January 2006

"Fresh" fruit and vegies

Roses from our garden (We have a 1960's house and there are lots of lovely flowers of different types flowering throughout the year - thankyou to whoever planted them years ago)

I have been complaining for weeks to DH about the quality of fruit and vegies from the supermarket and week after week I buy them. I bring potatoes home and two days later they need to be thrown out. Everything wilts faster than we can eat it. I thought it was just my luck until I saw a program on National TV about produce that is up to 12 months old being sold in supermarkets. I think if produce is that old, we should be told! We may then decide to opt for the frozen variety that hasn't been preserved with all sorts of long life sprays etc.

Today I decided not to be lazy and I drove to the closest Vegie Shed. I had such a wonderful time. Lots of fresh fruit and vegies, mainly grown in Tasmania (or Victoria or Queensland). They were all labelled with the State where they were grown. I bought lots!

I don't object to lemons being grown in the USA and if I lived there I would happily buy them, but I do object to being only offered lemons from the USA in our local supermarket. I will certainly be returning to the Vegie Shed each week.

I found a recipe for Carrot & Radish salad, which has purple onion and lime juice in it. It makes a nice change.
  • Carrot & Radish Salad

    Lucinda said...

    Because I am in the country atm the vegies are so fresh and cheap...when I get back to Melb next week they will all be expensive and horrid again!

    Mary said...

    I bet a great majority of people who don't like vegies, don't like them because they've never really experienced the joy of the freshest produce. It is important to find a good fruit/veg market where ever you are and reap the benefits. I miss my mum's garden but I have found a really good market in Sydney.

    Me said...

    Wow - how lucky are you to have a good fresh fruit and veggie place so close by - fresh really is so much nicer than frozen isn't it ?
    Hope you enjoy your salad - have a good one.

    Em said...

    Gosh I wonder how many ppl dont realise that about supermarkets, I buy fresh where I can but last yr decided to have my own little vegie garden of tomatoes, beans,zucchini, carrotts, peas, cucumbers and strawberries. Thanx for all your lovely recipes :)

    Carla said...

    isnt it amazing how old some of the stuff at the supermarket can be! ha! fresh my ass!! im really lucky as im in walking distance to 3 fruit and vege shops, all of them so nice and fresh and so cheap! no reason to buy from the supermarket at all really! its a great idea they had them labelled what state they came from though! very cool!

    Jodie said...

    Living out west of Sydney we are close to a lot of fruit and vegie farms although they don't sell everything you want. We do however have a rather large fruit and vegie market not far. I might have to try that out instead. I saw that program also and like you believe we should definately be told about how the fruit and vegies are being preserved and for how long. XX

    CaramelKitKat said...

    I bet the person who planted those roses would be rapt to know you are enjoying them so much.

    I went to the supermarket today and tried to buy all Australian made - I didn;t even have a preference for state! Could not get sundried tomatoes, all, including the ones in the deli, were either "imported", from Turkey or the most secretive "consists of local and imported ingredients". Dried apricots were also from our Turkish friends. It would be great if there was an Australian made section so that I could go there first, get everything I can, and then buy from the rest of the world as a last resort.

    linda said...

    I saw that report on the 12 month old 'fresh' fruit&veg and was appalled. I couldn't believe it. Tonight on ACA, Dick Smith was on saying how supermarkets should have an Aust Owned & Made aisle. Great idea I thought.
    Love the roses.

    M said...

    I am going to have to start going to the market or grow my own. I generally only buy frozen (as it keeps) or fresh if I am going to put it in a soup. Nothing else seems to last.

    Will have to ask Mary about the good market she knows about.

    Thanks for your comments lately Suzy. I have been a bit lax in updating - mood not reflecting my normal positive self, and your comments have really helped - thanks. :D