07 January 2006

Good old-fashioned Savoury eggs

The Jasmine growing near our BBQ area smells divine!

Just made these yummy savoury eggs to have with our salad tonight. Thought you might like them.

4 Hard boiled eggs cooled and cut in two (lengthways)
Scoop out yokes and mash up with a fork and mix with
1 dessertspoon low fat mayo
1 teaspoon mustard
1/2 to 1 teaspooon curry powder
pepper and salt to taste
dash of tomato sauce
dash of worcestershire sauce.

Fill egg whites with mixture (or if you want it for a sandwich filling, chop up egg whites and add to mixture).

My Dear Mum always made these and I love them. (My Dear Daughter HATES eggs, so I am sorry if this post makes her feel queasy if she reads it!)

Remember eggs are NoCount or 1 point depending on which programme you are following. Sauces are next to no points.


Emily said...

Hi Sue, happy new year :-) Great to come back and see some more yummy recipes on your site, and also see that you have maintained over during all the festive celebrations - well done!!

Mary said...

Oooh, eggs are quick becoming a favourite of mine lately. Thanks for the recipe!

LeisaB NewMe said...

Hey Suzy - the recipes are great. Also the outlook on the river for your picnic looked wonderful too. Have a great week.lb.

CaramelKitKat said...

Yum! I will have to give this one a go.

Thanks for the infor on the trampoline - I just might have to give it a go.

Em said...

Never thought of doing that to have with a Salad will be a change from just the basic boiled egg..... take care

Sue said...

Not too keen on savoury eggs - but I LURVE jasmine.

M said...

Happy New Year. And M, EM, whichever way - I am happy to hear from you. :D

I love savoury eggs. I remember them being Mum's thing to do whenever we had to bring a plate to a get together. And then I started doing it too. Have not done for ages and you have reminded me how quick and easy and tasty it is. Thanks.

Well done for maintaining. Those Christmas presents sure look great and will help in that department. Beats a chocolate hamper every time.

Have a great day Suzy. And a brilliant year ahead :D

lms said...

Yum, I love these!! I think I'd eat the whole plate though if I made them... :o)