01 January 2006

Hello everyone - can't wait to hear all your news

Happy New Year 2006

Hello Dears. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year's Eve.

We had a wonderful Christmas Day with all our Family. We had family for breakfast and lunch so just had a prawn cocktail for tea and too many champagnes! Consequently Boxing Day was very quiet for me - spent mainly on the couch! I then had an alcohol-free week until New Year's Eve.

We stayed at the Country Club Casino last night for New Year's Eve. Went swimming and had a spa and sauna before having a lovely meal and celelebration with bagpipes piping in the New Year. Lots of fun.

I haven't actually put on any weight during Christmas! I ate anything and everything and I am 63kgs. I lost about a kilo just before Christmas and it has stayed away so far! My YMCA gym closed Christmas week and won't be open again until the 13th of February. DH and I gave each other an exercise bike and a crosstrainer (Body Sculpture - from Kmart - cheaper than the York, but still quite OK) for Christmas, so I have been crosstraining and jogging on my tramp every other day and seem to have toned up more in the stomach! Can't believe it, as I spent 8 weeks or more at the gym and didn't seem to see much of a difference. I think it may be true that the body gets tricked into changing when we change our routine! Anyway I am quite happy with it all.

Seems to be great excitement in the WW world with the introduction of the No Count system. Sounds to me like a very sensible way of eating with just healthy foods mainly being eaten and keeping a limit of about 3 points a day on extras. I still just keep a rough mental count of points, but certainly don't stress so much over them now. I really think the points system taught me the right quantity of food for my needs, both while losing weight and now I am maintaining.

I will try to catch up with everyone soon. DH is still on holiday until the 9th, so we will be out and about a bit.


A Girl Running said...


Its great to hear from you.

Congratulations on maintaining over xmas. Very inspiring. I rejoined WW in the last week and started on the Nocount plan.

Elisa said...

Happy New Year Suzy
You look sensational by the way, and good on you for maintaining over the holiday season.

kathrynoh said...

Happy New Year!!! It must be great having all that equipment at home.

Julie's journey said...

Your pictures look great.
I'm off to rejoin WW next Thursday and planning to use the e-tools option too.
What great Chrissie presents. I am definitely getting a trampoline so that I can jog at home.
Again, I'm so glad you're back.
Happy New Year xxxooo

Jaykay said...


Sounds like you had a great Christmas, and you must have been a very good girl during the year for Santa to give you such great prezzies!!

LeisaB NewMe said...

Happy New Year Suzy....your New years eve sounded wonderful. Congrats on not putting on any weight and keeping up with your exercise. Have a great week with your hubby on hols.lb

CaramelKitKat said...


Look at your little gym! I am impressed!

What's the g-o with a trampoline? My Dad's gf just bought one and she has had a hip replacement and ongoing knee probs (she's only 38), and I can understand it being good for her, but can you actually get huffing and puffing on it?

Jodie said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year!!

So good to see some of the regular bloggers returning. I've missed you guys!! XX

Doug Bagley said...

Great Job! Happy New Year!

Jadey 0:-) said...

Don't they look swish! Good to hear you have enjoyed the holidays hun! And how fantastic - I wish I'd maintained over Christmas LOL

Kate said...

Happy New Year! Great to see you back! Love the look of your exercise equipment, and yay for toning up!

A Girl Running said...

I forgot to mention how brilliant your legs look in that photo suzy :) you look great

Leighanne said...

Welcome back!!
Glad to hear you had a great holiday!
Photo's are great:)

missjesse said...

WB! Good to hear you had a great xmas and new year and that you managed to maintain!

Mello4me said...

Happy New Year to you. Well done for maintaining and you look fab in the pic. The new equipment looks great.
Take care.

Samantha said...

Hello! This is my 1st read of your blog. You did great over new year/christmas!!

I wish you the best of luck.

Mary said...

Look at you gorgeous!! Can't wait to catch up with your blog properly over the next week :-)

Em said...

Happy New year to you too Suzie. I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and New year. Congratulations on maintaining over Christmas. Take care and look forward to keeping in touch in 2006.

missy vas said...

Suzy - your new pics look fabulous! Well done and surviving christmas! Look forward to reading more about you this year!!

linda said...

thanks for stopping by and well done on your weight loss. Good luck in 2006 and look forward to all the tips you have to share.