20 January 2006

Here is mine

OK, so we have been tagged by Sharon (AGR)

to show and tell our fridge! I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!
Here's mine :



Check out my Sponge Cake recipe below for a treat.


Sue said...

Coming up tomorrow - no VB in mine though!

missy vas said...

God - your fridge is so tidy! Did you clean that especially for the photo?
Thanks for your lovely. I feel more relaxed as each hour passes. Once the weekend hits, I think all will be good!
have a great weekend! vx

Philippa said...

I'll do this tomorrow, once I've done a shop! Don't fancy blogland seeing my wilted cauliflower and old sock filled with coffee (to get rid of the smells!)

Have a great weekend!

Me said...

Gee but your fridge is tidy - it is about half the size of ours and has about double the contents !! That is more because it is only K and I and I have nothing in the fridge apart from some milk, cheese, fruit and veg.
You cake looks good enough to eat - maybe K can try making it sometime.
Have a great weekend !

A Girl Running said...

omg your fridge is so tidy. I love Jacobs creek

Lesley said...

Another tidy, clean fridge - another house with no teenagers!!!
Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

Great looking fridge! I find it easier to keep a clean and tidy fridge now that I don't buy junk. I hope you have a brilliant weekend :-)