15 January 2006

This is THE most delicious salad

I love to watch NIGELLA on TV. Her recipes are so mouth watering, but usually quite fattening. I love the way she cooks and really seems to enjoy both the preparation and the eating of the food. I saw her make this Watermelon Salad the other day and I decided to try it. IT IS HEAVENLY!!!!!

She said that the lime juice softens the onion and it is not as harsh on the digestion as it normally is. She was right.

Here is the recipe :

  • DH and I went for a long walk yesterday (14 km). Subway lunch half way as usual, but a long walk just the same. It was lovely. It was such a nice day.

    Today will be a rest day. My Dear Grand-daughter is coming to stay tonight, so that will be fun.


    Philippa said...

    I love Nigella too - I love her books more than the TV shows, the way she writes is so intelligent and literary. I haven't tried this salad though. Most of the recipes of hers I've tried are for cakes and puddings!

    Don't read one of her books when your willpower is failing - trust me!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend xx

    M said...

    Perfect! We have just been invited to a BBQ on Saturday and I am bringing a Salad. Guess which one I am going to make LOL.

    I will let you know of all the wonderful compliments it gets. Thanks Suzy :D

    Hope the visit went well

    Em said...

    Hope you had a wonderful night with your Grand-daughter...I cant wait to be a grandma... my 18 yr old just shook her head haha. Enjoy the rest of the day

    A Girl Running said...

    I love her, she is gorgeous and that salad sounds really yummy. Will have to give it a try

    Leighanne said...

    Hope you have a great time with your grand daughter:)

    LeisaB NewMe said...

    I love Nigella too - she is so gorgeous and makes such deliciously wicked food......this one sounds good. Good on you for the walk and subway - sounds like a lovely way to spend some time with DH. Have a great week. LB