05 January 2006

This is a yummy salad

Spot by the river where we had our picnic

Sweet potato and asparagus salad

We went for a drive today and had a lovely picnic by the river. I made curried chicken rolls (chicken - chop up approx 200g left over cold chicken and mix with 2 tablespoons
  • low fat mayo

  • , 2 teaspoons Australian mustard and about a teaspoon of curry powder. Serve in a roll with a slice of low fat cheese (optional), lettuce, tomato and grated carrot - yummo). We went for a long walk by the river. It was a lovely day.

    Made a yummy salad tonight(tasted it the other day at my Dear Daughter's place)This is my version:

    Sweet potato and asparagus salad.

    1 large sweet potato - cut into pieces
    1 red capsicum
    1 bunch fresh asparagus
    diced low fat feta cheese
    8 olives (optional)
    8 tiny pickles (optional)
    garlic flakes
    No Fat French Dressing with herbs

    Spray sweet potato and capsicum pieces with olive oil spray and sprinkle with garlic flakes, salt and pepper. Roast until tender. Peel skin off capsicum (optional). Steam asparagus. Allow all to cool and arrange all on a plate with feta cheese squares, olives and pickles. Sprinkle some French dressing on top. (Leave out the cheese and it may be NoCount?!)

    I served it with Prawn kebabs (green prawns marinated in sweet chilli sauce and grilled on the Barbie)

    It was a beautiful day here today. It has been so windy and quite cold at times on other days, but today was just lovely.
    Hope you are all well and happy!!


    kathrynoh said...

    Oh my, that looks so delish. I do one that's similar with pumpkin and fetta but the sweet potato and asparagus sounds much nicer.

    Leighanne said...

    Looks like a lovely spot to have lunch!
    Love the chicken curry rolls - we are going on a picnic tommorrow so I will give them a go:)

    Sue said...

    Yummy indeed.

    Julie's journey said...

    I have started to love salads and experiment with them. Thanks for some more to play with.

    Kelly said...

    Man oh man - that looks so delish !! Have printed it out already. How do you always manage to come up with such fantastic foods !! I love your date scones !! Glad you had a happy and safe Xmas and New Year. Luv Kel

    missjesse said...

    yum that looks good!don't you just love the river! We went for a walk down by ours last night, also where we plan to get married.

    Catherine said...

    Salad sounds great! I also love all the photos you include of your wonderful creations.

    Mello4me said...

    yummo a great summer salad to try, looks great and will give the mayo a go for sure.. Take care..

    Em said...

    Definately has been salad weather here the past few days...looks yummy will give it a go. Enjoy your weekend

    Me said...

    Happy new year ! I hope that you have a wonderful 2006.
    That salad looks lovely - thank you as I am always looking for different salads to try out.
    Have a great weekend and take care !

    Trish Martin said...

    Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for your interest in my Blog and your inspiration. I enjoyed your blog and I wanted to let you know that you come across as a very beautiful person indeed.
    Have a fantastic week.

    Chubbymum said...

    Mmmmm that sweet Potato dish looks fantastic!!!

    Love Chubbymum

    Carla said...

    Sounds lovely!! isnt it amazing the things your can do with a salad :) Happy New Years mate!! :)