24 January 2006


More flowers.

It has been so windy here lately. The flowers are safer in a vase than in the garden.

For some reason, even though it has been hot weather, I have had the urge to bake things this week. I made the big mistake of making some caramel popcorn and nuts yesterday. (I won't post the recipe or a pic because they are seriously yummy and I won't be making them again) I decided if I made them with Olive Grove Light, maybe they wouldn't be so fattening. I accidently made them from butter instead and YUMMO! Anyway I will try and only have a few each day and offer them to any visitors and hope they are all eaten quickly.

I told you we have quite a few strawberries at the moment and I just saw a recipe for Strawberries in red wine sauce.

I only made a small amount of sauce:

14 strawberries

1/3 cup of sugar
small amount of water (just enough to cover the sugar in a saucepan)
2/3 cup of red wine
spinkle of cinnamon

Heat sugar and water until it comes to the boil and turns a light golden brown (a few minutes). Carefully add wine and cinnamon and boil for about 5 or 6 minutes. I don't think you should stir it at first. I did, and the toffee turned to a ball in the middle of the wine. I then kept stirring and it finally all mixed together.

Pour sauce mixture over strawberries while hot (this poaches the strawberries) and allow to cool and serve with low fat icecream for a special treat. (I seem to be having a lot of "special treats" lately, but my weight is remaining stable and I am staying at my goal, so I know now that I can have treats as long as I still eat healthily and exercise)

I made these for lunch. Quite yummy.

  • Zucchini & parmesan mini quiches

  • HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY on Thursday to all our Australian bloggers. Hope you all have a nice restful holiday. We are going to the beach for a few days, so I will catch up when we return.


    Chris Powell said...

    have a great australia day. Its kind of sad not being there for it. Enjoy your time at the beach. Ill think of u swimming while im here freezing. lol.

    M said...

    Have a great Australia Day Suzy. I'll be raiding your recipe files tomorrow for things to make for the day. Those strawberries sound too devine, but you know you work hard to maintain your weight and this is what it is all about. Having treats, eating well, living life.

    Have fun living it :D

    Philippa said...

    Yes, what is it about the urge to bake while it's 40 degrees outside?! I've been putting off making my zucchini cakes until it cools down.

    Have a great Australia Day!!

    CaramelKitKat said...

    That long yellow flower is the very one favoured by Dame Edna - what are they called??

    Have you tried strawberries with balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of icing sugar? Delish!

    Happy Australia Day to you too - I will be os for it, but we intend to buy beer duty free on the way out so we can still enjoy a traditional celebration ;D

    Thinner Nancy said...

    Hi. Think of all the kiwis on Australian Day .. u know the ones that have to go to work :o(
    Love the flowers and the recipes you have been making!


    Em said...

    Have a great Australia Day too Suzie..... those flowers are beautiful. Wonderful another recipe :)

    missy vas said...

    What lovely flowers. I miss the roses from my dad's garden that we took so for granted when we were growing up. He doesnt really look after them now like he used to...

    Have a great Australia Day! I am going to the Big Day Out for the last time I think! Wont be really fun with a baby in tow!!

    have a great week

    Lucinda said...

    Like Philippa I will also make those quiches after to 40 degree day!

    Have fun swimming!

    Mary said...

    Oh yum! Happy Australia too sweety.

    Trisca said...

    Hi Suzy - love today's flowers but the roses from last are absolutely divine. Do they smell amazing as well?

    Hope you're having a good week! :-)

    Trisca.. xo

    Kellee said...

    Hello! Wow, all your recipes are making me hungry and I've only just had brekky!

    I love that you've been able to incorporate your new healthy habits so easily into your life. You don't make a big fuss of it, and you are sensible in your approach. I know that sometimes I am to extreme about my health - either going too hard or not at all. Reading your blog has reminded me that there IS a middle road, and I think I might take it, thank you very much!

    Thanks for your blog. Sounds like you're still being incredibly rad. :)

    A Girl Running said...

    I love the flower photos - the ones on the sill are gorgeous too, the view is amazing

    LeisaB NewMe said...

    Hi Suzy - the flowers are really beautiful. Nothing like the old fashioned type of flowers is there and I bet the scent is wonderful. Have a wonderful week.lb.