28 February 2006

Thanks Mary

  • Mary
  • has found another fun thing to do. Don't know where you all find these things, but I am glad you do. Thanks for sharing!

    26 February 2006

    Long Walk

    DH and I went for one of our LONG walks today. It ended up to be 13.5 km! Subway half way of course! My legs have had it now though. I was OK while we were walking, except when we decided to try a different road home and it was WAY too steep for me. Now I have stopped I feel like I can't walk another step! He has since gone for a 7km run and is now cutting the front lawn with his handmower! Crazy!

    We went to the Casino last night for a smorgasbord. We had been given a gift voucher at Christmas time and hadn't used it. Everything was very nice. I had quite a feast, but I think today's walk will take care of that!

    I usually have a few games of Keno and a small flutter on the machines. I put $2 in a machine and won some free games straight away. The next minute I had won $107!!! (funny thing was that I had dreamt I won some money earlier in the week!).That paid for the rest of our evening, so we were very pleased with that. We listened to a guy singing for a few hours. He was very talented. He also played guitar, flute, piano and trumpet. Amazing!

    Monday morning update: My feet and legs are fine today. I will have a rest from exercise though. Dear grand-daughter is here and I will push her in the stroller for our outing this afternoon - that will be enough exercise for me today!

    Life is great!

    Slim Suzy's Words

    (Thankyou to
  • Sarah
  • for showing us the site to make a word cloud from our blog.)

    I have added a
  • Pasta Salad
  • recipe adapted from "Super Food Ideas" magazine to my recipe blog.

    24 February 2006

    Yum, I have discovered raw beetroot!

    I haven't really eaten much raw beetroot before, until lately. Since I have been buying my vegies at the Vegie Barn I have bought a few little fresh beetroots. I love it! Made up a Carrot & Beetroot salad and it was delish. (DH wasn't so sure!)

    toss together :
    1 small raw beetroot (peeled & grated)
    2 carrots (grated)
    2 tablespoons sultanas
    dash of curry powder
    dash of Fat free French Dressing with herbs. (1 point for the whole salad - 2 very large serves)


    Changing the subject from beetroot, I also tossed together these for another yummy salad:

    10 cherry tomatoes (halved)
    6 Kalamata olives (chopped)
    8 capers
    1/2 a small green capsicum (sliced)
    1 small purple onion (sliced)
    1/2 a teaspoon sugar
    salt & pepper to taste
    dash of vinegar
    2 Laughing Cow Lite cheese portions (sliced) (2 points for the whole salad - 2 large serves)

    We are still having so many barbecues that I need to think of lots of different salads. It is nice to have such a warm summer. All too soon we will be searching for our favourite soup recipes, so we need to make the most of the salad weather now.

    Hope you all have a GREAT weekend.

    22 February 2006

    I am so glad I have changed my eating habits

    This healthy eating business is so much fun! There is so much variety in the foods that we can eat. I actually enjoy making varied and colourful meals these days.

    My prawn cocktail - Lettuce, 1 cup prawns and 30ml seafood cocktail sauce (2 1/2 points)

    Yummy salad - 2 cooked Potatoes, steamed Green Beans,steamed snow peas, steamed Asparagus (all cooled), red capsicum, capers and low fat mayo (1 1/2 points for half this salad) Served with a small pork chop - grilled in George - fat trimmed off (2 points)

    Fresh Lime Tart (from Slimming & Health, December magazine) - (2 1/2 points)- I have added the recipe to my recipe blog.

    Total of approx 8 points for a 3 course meal!

    For 8 points I could have eaten - 1 piece of chicken from a popular takeaway outlet!!!!! or 1/2 a burger from another outlet!!!!!!! And I would have had indigestion all night AND I would have still been hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY for making the decision to wake up to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18 February 2006

    Deck plans

    Our plans for a deck have finally gone in to the Council. I am so excited! It will be half covered by a roof and the other part uncovered. I have been looking for some touches of wrought iron to incorporate into the railing, but haven't had much luck. As we have an older house, I didn't want it to be pine coloured, as it would look too new compared to the house. We have decided on a pine frame (painted a denim blue) with jarrah floor and the pine railings stained the same colour as the jarrah. we are also having one wider piece of pine every now and then in the railing with a pattern of a flower (or something, I haven't quite decided) cut into it. All going well, the builder will start in two weeks, so it should be finished the week after that. Hopefully there will still be some weather warm enough to use it. If not, I will be out there anyway with my hat, scarf and coat on, as I have been looking forward to it for SO long!

    Just made some delicious Herb and Sundried Tomato scones. I had some left over light sour cream, so picked some herbs and made these scones. DH and I had one each and I will freeze the rest in small batches.

  • Herb & Sundried Tomato Scones

  • I have also added recipes for Carrot & Walnut Loaf, Crabmeat patties and an old favourite of mine "Auntie's Chocolate Cake" to my recipe blog.

    Hope you are all well and happy and having a WONDERFUL weekend.

    16 February 2006

    My Convict T-Shirt

    Sorry about the angle of this photo and the flash, but I had to take it myself (while tidying out my wardrobe). I just had to show you this T-Shirt, which I bought at the opening of the Convict Trail at Campbell Town in February 2004. The Convict trail is a trail of bricks all along the main road of Campbell Town (a town in the northern midlands of Tasmania) with the names and details of hundreds of convicts who were sent to Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) engraved on the convict-made bricks set into the pavement.

    My dear cousin and Uncle came from Queensland and we went to the opening of the Trail. Our Great Grandfather (or Great, Great - my Mum was born in 1915) was a convict and came to Tasmania in 1849 on a convict ship from Ireland (Dublin).

    I was caught up in the moment and bought a T-shirt stating that I am a descendant of a convict. My dear cousin (a pretty, petite, size 10 "girl", a couple of years older than me) bought one too. She was able to buy a small. Much to my sadness, I had to admit to her that I needed to buy a larger one. The medium was still too tight and I needed to buy a large. (I know that the day was about more than the size of my T-shirt, but it really upset me). I just found it in my wardrobe and it could now be a dress! Well, almost! It is huge! I want to turn back the clock and be able to buy a small! I was SO jealous at the time. I like her very much, but I was upset that I was the same height and so much larger. NOT ANY MORE!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    15 February 2006

    Back to my Gym

    I started back at my Gym today. It only opened again this week after an extended Christmas/New Year shutdown.

    I had quite a good session this morning:

    20 mins treadmill - fast walk (6.9 km/hr 10% incline)
    10 mins resistance machines - mainly arms
    15 mins rowing machine
    10 mins recumbent exercise bike

    I walked there and back (return trip much slower). Now I am quite exhausted, but I feel good.

    I will be looking after my dear little 3 yr old grand-daughter on Mondays and Wednesdays soon. That will be fun. Her daddy (my dear son-in-law) will be going back to Uni for the second year of his Teaching Degree and her mummy (my dear daughter, teaches High School full-time and is doing her Masters Degree). I will use my crosstrainer and/or tramp on those days and go to the Gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    14 February 2006

    Fish and Chips

    I have been craving fish and chips for a while and I didn't want to have lots of batter and grease. We have mainly been eating sweet potato chips baked in the oven, but I felt like good old potato chips. I don't usually like frozen chips, but yesterday I found these "Light Supreme Crunch Chips" from Woolworths and decided to give them a try. I oven baked them as per instructions on the packet and they were delicious! Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and only 0.4g of saturated fat per 125g. (583kj, 0.4g sat fat, 3.3g total fat per 125g) I didn't measure the portions but just checked this morning for interest and DH and I ate 300g. He had a larger portion than me, so I guess I had about 125g. I rolled some flathead fillets in a small amount of flour, sprinkled on salt and pepper and shallow fried the fish in a tablespoon of olive oil. It was delicious. We had a leafy salad with it and I was really pleased with our meal of reasonably guilt-free fish and chips.

    Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day with the love of your life.

    13 February 2006

    We survived!

  • Sue
  • for her fantastic achievement in completing the Triathlon. She is an inspiration to us all!

    Secondly, how wonderful that some of our blogging friends were able to meet up and have a lovely day together. Even though most of them hadn't met before (in person), it sounds like they all had a great time. It has been fun to read about it (although it has made me very jealous, as I would love to meet everyone too).

    Lastly, yes we survived our first tenting experience. We had a lovely time. The weather was kind to us and all went well. We walked a lot, we ate quite healthily, drank lots of wine and generally had a relaxing time. I didn't realise how hot it gets in a tent during the day and the batteries in the new portable CD player melted on the first day! It is still OK though and my MP3 player is wonderful (Sanyo). Used it while on the crosstrainer this morning and had no trouble with it.

    09 February 2006

    Annoying purchases

    From "Walk the Line" - story of the life of Johnny Cash until he married June Carter

    We went to see "Walk the Line" on Tuesday night (half price night at the cinema). It was EXCELLENT. Very well done! Worth seeing (in my opinion).

    I have been doing a lot of exercise this week by going back to shops with my purchases! My MP3 player was no good. It kept stopping when I was on the crosstrainer and then stopped when I was just sitting, so I took it back. The Manager gave me a "new" one, which, when I brought home to load my music, had 20 or so Rodney Rude and Kevin "B" Wilson and songs starting with fu%$ already on it! Not my type of music! Must have been a second hand one!!!! At least I left Kenny Rogers and Suzy Quatro and Smokie on the one I took back!
    Anyway back to the shop I went and demanded my money back.

    Great excitement today when I read the Target catalogue and they had Sanyo MP3's with a free portable CD player. Off I trotted and bought one and it is GREAT! Haven't exercised with it yet, but here's hoping! Now DH can have the CD player and listen to his music in the tent and I can have my MP3 player!
    Also had to take back our camping light as it broke when we put in the globe! SO ANNOYING!
    Anyway we are all set to go tomorrow lunchtime, rain, hail or shine. Forecast is mainly fine and 20 degrees, so should be OK. Although today has been awful. Dull and rainy (not cold though).

    I love the winter fashions in the catalogues at the moment. Love the "old world", lacey, frilly looks. Love boleros (now known as shrugs) too! I am thinking of getting my knitting needles out soon and knitting one. I have been searching for a pattern and there are quite a few floating around the net.

    Have a fun weekend everyone!

    04 February 2006

    Busy week

    I seem to have had a busy week this week. Don't really know why. I took my dear grand-children for a picnic and swimming on Wednesday. We had a wonderful day. They are such delightful children!
    Today DH and I had a practise putting up our tent and packing the ute with all our wordly goods to take camping. As I need all mod cons, we have an electric kettle, electric light, fridge, hot plate and beds that need to squeeze into the ute with the tent. Anyway, all went well and we are all organised to go for a couple of nights on Friday (weather permitting!).

    I have had a "hungry" week this week (eating lots), but my weight seems to be staying stable, so that's good. Another 10 days or so until my gym opens again, but I have been a good girl and I have been exercising on my tramp and/or crosstrainer most days.

    I bought an MP3 player this week. I love it! Don't know why I have waited so long to get one. It is so good to exercise with. Now I won't have to bother taking CD's to the gym. Can't wait!

    Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!