15 February 2006

Back to my Gym

I started back at my Gym today. It only opened again this week after an extended Christmas/New Year shutdown.

I had quite a good session this morning:

20 mins treadmill - fast walk (6.9 km/hr 10% incline)
10 mins resistance machines - mainly arms
15 mins rowing machine
10 mins recumbent exercise bike

I walked there and back (return trip much slower). Now I am quite exhausted, but I feel good.

I will be looking after my dear little 3 yr old grand-daughter on Mondays and Wednesdays soon. That will be fun. Her daddy (my dear son-in-law) will be going back to Uni for the second year of his Teaching Degree and her mummy (my dear daughter, teaches High School full-time and is doing her Masters Degree). I will use my crosstrainer and/or tramp on those days and go to the Gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Doug Bagley said...

Good Job Suzy! Back to exercising for me too. I found some neoprene sleeves that help my tendons in my elbows and have started working out again! Happy Valentine's Day!

Mary said...

Great going Suzy! There is no questioning your motivation and it sounds like you've got everything worked out well.

michelle said...

Glad you are enjoying the gym. And looking after your granddaugher will be so much fun.

A Girl Running said...

awww how lovely for you and your grand daughter. My 3 year old is very excited as she is going to meet my mother for the first time in two weeks - I am excited too, I have only seen my mother twice in 15 years.

Have a lovely few weeks (I am packing now)

CaramelKitKat said...

Thanks v much Suze, I have just read your last two posts and now I want chips!! (But why didn't I have the same reaction to reading about all your exercise??? Good on you for both counts, very well done indeed.)

M said...

What a fantastic workout. Way to go Suzy. And how great that you get a chance to look after your granddaughter. I am sure she will have as much fun as you will :D

Philippa said...

Glad to hear you're back at the gym. They had a long holiday, didn't they?!

Loved your guilt free fish and chips too! Will look out for those at the local Safeway!! (I still sometimes call it Purity! Or I guess it would have been Roelf Vos up your way!!)

Hope you're having a great week xx

Anne said...

Great that you are back at the gym. Sounds like a good sessiong. They had a long break!

I look after our little five year grandson three afternoons after school and love the time I have with him. Enjoy!!

Sue said...

Finally, back to your private gym - was anyone else there? How lovely for all of you that you can look after your granddaughter.