04 February 2006

Busy week

I seem to have had a busy week this week. Don't really know why. I took my dear grand-children for a picnic and swimming on Wednesday. We had a wonderful day. They are such delightful children!
Today DH and I had a practise putting up our tent and packing the ute with all our wordly goods to take camping. As I need all mod cons, we have an electric kettle, electric light, fridge, hot plate and beds that need to squeeze into the ute with the tent. Anyway, all went well and we are all organised to go for a couple of nights on Friday (weather permitting!).

I have had a "hungry" week this week (eating lots), but my weight seems to be staying stable, so that's good. Another 10 days or so until my gym opens again, but I have been a good girl and I have been exercising on my tramp and/or crosstrainer most days.

I bought an MP3 player this week. I love it! Don't know why I have waited so long to get one. It is so good to exercise with. Now I won't have to bother taking CD's to the gym. Can't wait!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!


michelle said...

Love th efact that you are getting younger as you appprocah 50. That is exactly how I feel...well some of the time... Have a good weekend and a good camping trip.

kathrynoh said...

Mp3 players are so much better than lugging cds. And they are much more robust too.

The camping looks fun - great tent. I'm like you, I need a shower and toilet too. And somewhere comfy to sleep.

Me said...

It's always good to have a trial run at putting up tents BEFORE you hit the camping area - that way you don't look too silly when you start !!
Have a great time when you do get to go - take care !

Mary said...

That's a really cool looking tent and I can see why you'd want to practice putting it up. It'll be so fun going camping! I've been really hungry too lately but lucky we know it won't last. YAY for the mp3 player. They're great aren't they. I can't leave the house without mine now when exercising by myself. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

Kate said...

You sound so fit and healthy and young - it's fantastic!! I bet your grandchildren love having a Nana they can play with :-)

CaramelKitKat said...

Nice tent! You sound like you have all the gear and should be snug as a bug in a rug. I think I went camping too much as a kid as I am not the biggest fan of it now - I can never get comfortable - but hopefully one day I will get into it as the boy LOVES it (never went camping as a kid).

Want to hear something funny? My bf tossed up between a tent and diamond earrings for me for xmas one year - and went with the tent (2.1kg so you can go hiking with it, what was he thinking??!)! ARGH!!! Still, I got the earrings for my birthday and this is the same guy who just took me to Singapore so he has more than made up for it, but it's still a storey that gets trotted out.

Oh, and one thing we did learn with said tent, it's a good idea to put it up and turn the hose on it before going away. After spending $700+ each time, it took three tents before we found one that didn't leak everywhere. Certainly puts a dampner on the weekend (unfortunate pun intended). Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Ohh love camping! And with the grankids sounds like so much fun! Enjoy it, and I hope the weather is good for you!

M said...

Ooooh what a great tent. I would love to camp out in that. And I still have my MP3 player on my wish list. Perhaps this year will see me get one. For goal perhaps??

Thanks for checking in Suzy. Hope you have a wonderful day :D

Em said...

Hope the weather is good so you can go camping...tent looks great. Mp3 players are all the go now.. my daughter wants one for her birthday..enjoy the rest of your week

Julie's journey said...

You know what they say - practise makes perfect and you dont want to look like a novice at the camping ground. Hope you have a great time. I have an iPod (is that an MP3 player/) and I love it. It has all my favourites on it.