18 February 2006

Deck plans

Our plans for a deck have finally gone in to the Council. I am so excited! It will be half covered by a roof and the other part uncovered. I have been looking for some touches of wrought iron to incorporate into the railing, but haven't had much luck. As we have an older house, I didn't want it to be pine coloured, as it would look too new compared to the house. We have decided on a pine frame (painted a denim blue) with jarrah floor and the pine railings stained the same colour as the jarrah. we are also having one wider piece of pine every now and then in the railing with a pattern of a flower (or something, I haven't quite decided) cut into it. All going well, the builder will start in two weeks, so it should be finished the week after that. Hopefully there will still be some weather warm enough to use it. If not, I will be out there anyway with my hat, scarf and coat on, as I have been looking forward to it for SO long!

Just made some delicious Herb and Sundried Tomato scones. I had some left over light sour cream, so picked some herbs and made these scones. DH and I had one each and I will freeze the rest in small batches.

  • Herb & Sundried Tomato Scones

  • I have also added recipes for Carrot & Walnut Loaf, Crabmeat patties and an old favourite of mine "Auntie's Chocolate Cake" to my recipe blog.

    Hope you are all well and happy and having a WONDERFUL weekend.


    Mary said...

    The deck sounds great. You'll have to post pictures when it's finished and the scones look yum, thanks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

    kathrynoh said...

    Sounds lovely. You can always get one of those gas heaters like they have at the cafes then you can sit out all year round :)

    Julie's journey said...

    I love my deck. With live out there in summer - breakfast is especially nice and we always entertain in summer out there. I hope yours gets built soon while the weather holds. Otherwise will expect picture of you in hat, scarf and gloves drinking steaming hot drinks out there. Enjoy.

    Me said...

    YAY for your deck - such a great renovation to have done. I hope you get to spend lots of time out there enjoying it.
    Have a great Sunday !

    linda said...

    thanks for the scone recipe. yummy. i love the sound of your decking - i couldn't live without my outdoor area. enjoy.

    M said...

    I love sitting out on our deck in winter. As long as it is not raining and not too windy it is the best place to be :) You will love it.

    Hope you are having a great weeke d :D

    Em said...

    Your plans for your deck sound lovely..so nice having an area outside..... you must have been so proud at what you have achieved all over again when you came across that t shirt... Glad you enjoyed going back to the gym again and enjoy your days with your grand daughter.

    Jaykay said...

    I love my decking. It's great to sit out there on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a piece of toast just enjoying the view.

    Thanks for all the new recipes too.

    Leighanne said...

    Hope that deck is up real soon!!
    I will try those scones - I love savory type scones:)

    Anne said...

    You will get so much use out of your deck - hope it gets finished according to plan!
    Must try those scones - they sound delicious!

    Jodie said...

    We have a huge deck out the back of our place and it is certainly the best thing we ever did! Especially in the summer months when we have friends over for BBQ's! Hope all goes well! XX

    Philippa said...

    I love a deck! Great place for entertaining or relaxing with an iced coffee and a good book! Hope the council don't take too long to give you the ok.

    Can't wait to try some of your new recipes!