22 February 2006

I am so glad I have changed my eating habits

This healthy eating business is so much fun! There is so much variety in the foods that we can eat. I actually enjoy making varied and colourful meals these days.

My prawn cocktail - Lettuce, 1 cup prawns and 30ml seafood cocktail sauce (2 1/2 points)

Yummy salad - 2 cooked Potatoes, steamed Green Beans,steamed snow peas, steamed Asparagus (all cooled), red capsicum, capers and low fat mayo (1 1/2 points for half this salad) Served with a small pork chop - grilled in George - fat trimmed off (2 points)

Fresh Lime Tart (from Slimming & Health, December magazine) - (2 1/2 points)- I have added the recipe to my recipe blog.

Total of approx 8 points for a 3 course meal!

For 8 points I could have eaten - 1 piece of chicken from a popular takeaway outlet!!!!! or 1/2 a burger from another outlet!!!!!!! And I would have had indigestion all night AND I would have still been hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY for making the decision to wake up to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie's journey said...

That pie is just what I am looking for, for a bbq I am having next month. Well done Suzy!

M said...

That looks sensational. I had a very similar salad last night. Isn't great how eating healthily can be so delicious.

That pie looks soooooo good. I kept that magazine just for that recipe too LOL

Hope you have a brilliant day :D

Anne said...

Thanks once again for sharing your recipes - may just give me the added inspiration I need right now:)

Mary said...

Yummo! Becoming healthier has definitely made us more interested in our food and having fun with it :-)

Jodie said...

Yummo!!! That looks awesome. I think the next bloggers get together should be at "Suzy's Restaurant"!

Just look at how much more food you can have for far less points. XX

Em said...

What a feast for 8 points...... Its wonderful to have made this change, I kow personally I am trying new foods all the time , for example this week weetbix for the first time ever and vegemite on toast... so simple and good for you yet things I had never eaten before. Thanx for the recipes they are great..have a good rest of the week