16 February 2006

My Convict T-Shirt

Sorry about the angle of this photo and the flash, but I had to take it myself (while tidying out my wardrobe). I just had to show you this T-Shirt, which I bought at the opening of the Convict Trail at Campbell Town in February 2004. The Convict trail is a trail of bricks all along the main road of Campbell Town (a town in the northern midlands of Tasmania) with the names and details of hundreds of convicts who were sent to Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) engraved on the convict-made bricks set into the pavement.

My dear cousin and Uncle came from Queensland and we went to the opening of the Trail. Our Great Grandfather (or Great, Great - my Mum was born in 1915) was a convict and came to Tasmania in 1849 on a convict ship from Ireland (Dublin).

I was caught up in the moment and bought a T-shirt stating that I am a descendant of a convict. My dear cousin (a pretty, petite, size 10 "girl", a couple of years older than me) bought one too. She was able to buy a small. Much to my sadness, I had to admit to her that I needed to buy a larger one. The medium was still too tight and I needed to buy a large. (I know that the day was about more than the size of my T-shirt, but it really upset me). I just found it in my wardrobe and it could now be a dress! Well, almost! It is huge! I want to turn back the clock and be able to buy a small! I was SO jealous at the time. I like her very much, but I was upset that I was the same height and so much larger. NOT ANY MORE!!!!! YAY!!!!!


missjesse said...

Little things like that must make you feel so good!
Your fish and chips sound very yummy, now my tummy is rumbling (only 8 am here in perth so the tummy is empty!)
You look great by the way!

Thinner Nancy said...

Funky T-shirt and Funky Suzy .. and great that funky t-shirt is now ffffaaarrr to large for Suzy ...


M said...

How fantastic. It is fascinating to get a glimpse into your history and amazing to see how far you have come in such a relatively short time. Perhaps you can ring your cousin to see if she still has her shirt - and trade:D

Gabreael said...

That's great. Keep it up!



Julie's journey said...

Always a rewarding moment to find clothes that swim on you. Remember to keep it as reminder of how far you have come. Agree with Jesse, you look great!

Anne said...

I've kept one tshirt from big old days - it's white and huge!! I'm amazed to remember back when it was tight on me!

Briony said...

I love trying on old clothes that were tight or fitted very well and finding that they're now swimming on me. It's such a great feeling. You've got me feeling like fish and chips for tea now!! That's a great disclaimer you have on your blog. I think I need one of those, did you make it up yourself?
Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

No fat prison for you now missy. Seriously, well done on maintaining for so long now. You are a legend!