31 March 2006

I have a cold

The dreaded lurgy has caught up with me. I have an earache, a sore throat and the sneezes. I have been lucky and escaped it until now, even though those around me have had bugs. I was going to try and sweat it out on the crosstainer this morning, but I don't have any energy, so I am giving in. (Great excuse to sit on the couch and knit though - not that I need an excuse!)

Mornings have been colder here and snow is predicted on the highlands. Some days have still been quite hot though. One day this week I started off the day in jeans, jumper and boots and ended up in shorts. Weird!!

Anyway, as I don't really have the energy to talk about anything but the weather I will go now and take my own advice and make a hot lemon and honey drink, turn on the TV and knit.

Have a GREAT,HAPPY, RESTFUL weekend!

28 March 2006

Finished my jumper!

Hello all. I have finished my jumper and I am very pleased with it. I made it shorter than the pattern and I made a shorter neckband (I am not very tall) I now want to make one in another colour! Are you the same? When you find something that fits, do you buy another one? I am terrible at that. I always buy two if I find something I really like. Anyway. I have bought some pink wool and will make another.

Nothing much else to report. All is well here. Very cold this morning. Soup weather soon!!!!!!!!
Hope you are all having a FANTASTIC week!!!

This is the colour I am starting now:

24 March 2006

I am knitting

My dear daughter has inspired me to start knitting before winter actually starts. She is so busy, works full-time, has three children and a DH and has still managed to knit a jumper, 2 bags, socks and hats in the last few weeks. I usually do knit during winter but last year only made scarves. Knitted 2 jumpers for me and one for DH the previous year and now mine are too big so I am knitting another for me at the moment. On nice days I can knit on my deck!!! (Nearly took the ironing out there to do yesterday, but talked myself out of it - didn't want to worry the passengers on the low-flying planes!)

Knitting (or crafts) is great for stopping the munchies too! Can't get sticky fingers on the knitting!

Woke up this morning and had to talk myself into going on the crosstrainer. As soon as I started though (with my MP3 music in my ears) I was so pleased that I was up and exercising.


21 March 2006

Thanks for all your comments

I am still relishing in the views from my deck!

I have discovered a few things this week:

1. Stripping wallpaper and painting is a helpful weight loss tool - Lost the 500g that had crept quietly on the last few weeks.

2. Hair dye does not cover paint - I still have white paint streaks across the front of my hair, even after colouring it!

3. Friendly neighbours can become very unfriendly in a very short space of time! Guess that means they aren't real friends!

Anyway, I am happy with all the renovations and will now just sit back (with a few glasses of red) and enjoy them. Thankyou all for your lovely comments about the deck and also about the neighbour problems.

17 March 2006

I love our new deck!

Our deck is finished. Well almost, just a few finishing touches still needed but we can use it and it is wonderful. The jarrah with the black trims has turned out even better than I had hoped.

It is also much bigger than I imagined and, as it is very high, I feel like I am almost in the clouds! No, I haven't had one wine too many!

Unfortunately our neighbours on one side aren't happy, as our deck has taken some of their view of the mountain from their kitchen window. They have a deck too though, so they would still have their view from there. I talked to them before we had it built and said I hoped it wouldn't upset them and they said we were entitled to have a deck and not to worry. Of course now their feelings have changed. I hope things improve as I don't like having a bad relationship with neighbours!

Our laundry is under the house and I decided to strip wallpaper off it and paint it, so I have been quite busy this week. Have to give it the final coat today. The paint has certainly brightened it up.

Hope you are all well and happy!

09 March 2006

I wish I was away by the sea

The deck is progressing, but I wish I was somewhere else for the week. Lots of banging and mess! I know it will be worth it in the end, but I have a headache that has won't go away at the moment, so that doesn't help. Renovating and additions seem a great idea, until you are in the middle of them!

Made some green tomato pickle. Our tomatoes weren't ripening. Lots of huge green tomatoes with grubs starting to find them, so I picked them all before it was too late, and made some pickle. Yum!

Two more poems appeared in my mind!? Don't know where they are coming from, as I have never written a poem before in my life. Anyway, thought I would capture them and put them in my sidebar.

Not as hungry this week (thank goodness). I am going out to tea tonight with my old workmates, so should be fun. (If I can get rid of this headache). One dear girl now lives in Adelaide and I only see her about once a year when she comes to visit family, so it will be great to catch up.

Hope all is well in your world!

06 March 2006

My poem

I have entered a poetry contest!!!!!!

Menopausal Woman - by Slim Suzy 6/3/06

My eyesight is fading
my skin is dry and thin
My hair is not as shiny
I have more wrinkles on my chin

My moods are always swinging
I can jump and scream and shout
Over the smallest little problem
And then wonder what the fuss was about

I sometimes have hot flushes
And spend the night awake
Or I feel all cold and freezing
And begin to shiver and shake

No I do not have an illness
And I’m not about to die
I’m just a menopausal woman
There’s no need to weep or cry

Soon I will turn fifty
And I’ll be on the other side
I have survived another stage of life
I can say this now with pride

I’m a happy, healthy person
And I won’t stress about a thing
I will look forward to the next stage
And whatever life may bring

Copyright ©2006 Slim Suzy

05 March 2006

Change of Seasons

I haven't had much energy this week and others I have spoken to have felt the same. Someone said maybe it is the change of Seasons (First of March being the start of Autumn) making us feel like this. Hopefully that is all it is, and my motivation and energy will return soon.

DH and I have very different opinions on Autumn leaves.

What do you think of Autumn leaves falling on the ground?

Me - very pretty. Love the colours and love the patterns they make. Must be good for the ground.

DH - very messy. Make the garden look untidy. Must be picked up as soon as they fall.

The holes were dug for the deck posts yesterday. They will be approved tomorrow and then building will begin. I have decided on black trims now with jarrah decking and jarrah pickets.
CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of tummy bugs floating about here at the moment (probably because of the unusually hot and humid weather we have been having) and some of my dear family are feeling quite sick at the moment - I do hope it doesn't last too long for them - poor dears!

I am sending them hugs and kisses and wellness vibes!

02 March 2006

Just Cuts

I was very brave this morning and I went to "Just Cuts" to have my hair trimmed. (I have almost the same fear of hairdressers that I do of my Dentist). My hairdresser left and I changed salons, then my new one left and my old one came back and I went to her again but.....etc, etc. Anyway it all boils down to the fact that I felt I needed a change again and "Just Cuts" is only down the road now, so I braved it. Guess what! a very nice trim for only $21! Really nice girl, friendly place and I will go again. I waited with wet, stringy hair outside the salon at 9am, so I could be first and get out quickly. I decided not to have a blow wave, just made a run for the door and came home and styled my hair. I HATE anyone washing my hair. I HATE the massage that they give you in the salons and so I was pleased to be able to wash my hair before I went (washed it again when I came home and styled it). I had tried "Just Cuts" in Newcastle some years ago, but didn't realise they would leave my hair wet and hanging, so I wasn't impressed, as I had arranged to stay at the shopping centre for the afternoon and I looked like a drowned rat. Anyway, now I have one close to home and I can be prepared, I am quite happy. They do now dry your hair for an extra $6 anyway (if you want it), so that's good.

I have been very slack with exercise this week. I haven't been to the gym and have had a really hungry week. NOT GOOD!!! Hopefully my motivation will return soon!

I have been visiting the Op Shops this week looking for knitting patterns. Found lots for 20 cents each! Knitting needles were only 50 cents a pair! I love Op Shopping! Got really carried away the other afternoon looking at patterns and then realised I had been there for 2 hours! I reckon the person at the counter must have thought I wanted to take up residence!! Anyway I had fun!

Other exciting news! Subway is coming just down the road from my place. It is being built as we speak! (Doesn't take much to make me excited these days!).

Hope you are all having a fantastic week!