05 March 2006

Change of Seasons

I haven't had much energy this week and others I have spoken to have felt the same. Someone said maybe it is the change of Seasons (First of March being the start of Autumn) making us feel like this. Hopefully that is all it is, and my motivation and energy will return soon.

DH and I have very different opinions on Autumn leaves.

What do you think of Autumn leaves falling on the ground?

Me - very pretty. Love the colours and love the patterns they make. Must be good for the ground.

DH - very messy. Make the garden look untidy. Must be picked up as soon as they fall.

The holes were dug for the deck posts yesterday. They will be approved tomorrow and then building will begin. I have decided on black trims now with jarrah decking and jarrah pickets.
CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of tummy bugs floating about here at the moment (probably because of the unusually hot and humid weather we have been having) and some of my dear family are feeling quite sick at the moment - I do hope it doesn't last too long for them - poor dears!

I am sending them hugs and kisses and wellness vibes!


Ails said...

I hope your family have a speedy recovery. I personally love Autumn and the leaves issues doesn't bother me since its not a job of mine to sweep them! Might think otherwise if I had to. How exciting about your deck - I'm sure it will look fantastic when it's done! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Philippa said...

I love autumn leaves. I wonder if Melbourne will be as beautiful as Tasmania is in the autumn.

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Leighanne said...

I love the autumn leaves ~ hubby thinks they are a pain...lol

michelle said...


Anne said...

I love the leaves as well.

Hope your fmaily are soon well again:)

How exciting getting the deck started!!

Em said...

I love Autumn leaves, the girls and I go for walks in the park and collect them , they are so pretty and then we usually throw them at each other lol.We do manage to bring some home though. We have had a bit of a bug here too this weekend gone.. I still feel a bit yuk.. hope your family feels better really soon. Good news about your deck...enjoy your week Suzie

Mary said...

I love Autumn leaves but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I didn't have to sweep them up. I tend to do that once a week atm so they don't get in the gutters etc. They cause havoc when it rains.

I can't wait to see your deck and I hope the family feel better soon too :-)

Briony said...

I wish your family a speedy recovery too. There's nothing worse than when everyone gets sick at once.
Can't wait to see pics of the new deck, it sounds lovely.

Christy_Ann said...

Like you I love autumn leaves - the colours and shapes always get my attention. I'm not sure what my DH thinks on this very important subject... I'll have to ask him!