02 March 2006

Just Cuts

I was very brave this morning and I went to "Just Cuts" to have my hair trimmed. (I have almost the same fear of hairdressers that I do of my Dentist). My hairdresser left and I changed salons, then my new one left and my old one came back and I went to her again but.....etc, etc. Anyway it all boils down to the fact that I felt I needed a change again and "Just Cuts" is only down the road now, so I braved it. Guess what! a very nice trim for only $21! Really nice girl, friendly place and I will go again. I waited with wet, stringy hair outside the salon at 9am, so I could be first and get out quickly. I decided not to have a blow wave, just made a run for the door and came home and styled my hair. I HATE anyone washing my hair. I HATE the massage that they give you in the salons and so I was pleased to be able to wash my hair before I went (washed it again when I came home and styled it). I had tried "Just Cuts" in Newcastle some years ago, but didn't realise they would leave my hair wet and hanging, so I wasn't impressed, as I had arranged to stay at the shopping centre for the afternoon and I looked like a drowned rat. Anyway, now I have one close to home and I can be prepared, I am quite happy. They do now dry your hair for an extra $6 anyway (if you want it), so that's good.

I have been very slack with exercise this week. I haven't been to the gym and have had a really hungry week. NOT GOOD!!! Hopefully my motivation will return soon!

I have been visiting the Op Shops this week looking for knitting patterns. Found lots for 20 cents each! Knitting needles were only 50 cents a pair! I love Op Shopping! Got really carried away the other afternoon looking at patterns and then realised I had been there for 2 hours! I reckon the person at the counter must have thought I wanted to take up residence!! Anyway I had fun!

Other exciting news! Subway is coming just down the road from my place. It is being built as we speak! (Doesn't take much to make me excited these days!).

Hope you are all having a fantastic week!


Mary said...

LOL, I really like Subway for a lazy lunch and OP shopping is a must with time. You can also score a bargain if you look :-)

So now I am off to the dentist thsi afternoon *yikes* and will think about getting my hair cut/coloured too.

Anne said...

Love Subway - such a healthy, easy option.

Great that you liked the change of hairdressers:)

Melinda said...

Oh, Suzie I just love the scalp massage and I think that it goes towards justifing the cost of the cut & colour that I have......just so overpriced even in my country town but my one treat every couple months. Love subway too even though I don't have it very often.
cheers Bronny

Kate said...

Hiya, I haven't commented for ages but I'm reading every entry.

We have Just Cuts here in Auckland and most people laugh at me for going to the 'cheap' place, but I've always found them great!

And I bet you'll still walk to the other subway even though there is one closer, lol!!

Julie's journey said...

I love Subway but never seem to get there to taste it. You have reawakened my taste buds so will try to get there soon.
I did the Just Cuts road but didnt like the fact that I rarely got the same person twice. Have found a lovely lady who works from home and is nearly as cheap so I am finally happy again with my hair (especially after last cut).
Op shop shopping - I wish I had the time.

Em said...

Glad you were happy with your trim and OP shopping is great... you can find so many bargains. I am sure your motivation will return soon...have a great weekend Suzie

LeisaB NewMe said...

Hi Suzy....it is nice to have a treat for a haircut and have it the way you like it. I agree it is difficult to get the right hairdresser. have a great weekend.lb

michelle said...

I have never had subway, may need to investigate it. Good on you for being brave. Bet you felt better after having your hair done. I know I always do.

Christy_Ann said...

LOVE Subway! I've been know to drive for miles to get it... I have the 12" Vege Delite. I've calculated the points and I'm calling it 7pts. Do you think that's about right?

Trisca said...

Hi Suzy - glad your haircut went well but I do understand your anxiety over going. I get knots in my stomach and don't feel back to normal again until I've washed and styled it by myself. Then I can reassure myself that everything is okay. *LOL*

Oh and unlike you, I adore the scalp massage and always wish it went longer.. although I'd probably fall asleep it feels so good!

Hope you're having a terrific weekend..

Trisca.. xo

Ails said...

I admire your bravery facing Just Cuts! Having a Subway around the corner will be nice - a good food option! Wish there was one closer to me - unfortunately for me, a McDonald's was built just down the road from me a few years ago and I frequented it way too much in the old days, I'm a sucker for the large choccie sundaes :S Hope you are having a great weekend! Ails x

Briony said...

I think you're very brave getting your hair cut. I haven't had mine cut for over 3 years because of some bad experiences! Will have to do something soon though or i'll be sitting on my hair! I like subway but find it quite expensive. Did your DD enjoy Billy Connolly?
Hope you're having a great weekend.