06 March 2006

My poem

I have entered a poetry contest!!!!!!

Menopausal Woman - by Slim Suzy 6/3/06

My eyesight is fading
my skin is dry and thin
My hair is not as shiny
I have more wrinkles on my chin

My moods are always swinging
I can jump and scream and shout
Over the smallest little problem
And then wonder what the fuss was about

I sometimes have hot flushes
And spend the night awake
Or I feel all cold and freezing
And begin to shiver and shake

No I do not have an illness
And I’m not about to die
I’m just a menopausal woman
There’s no need to weep or cry

Soon I will turn fifty
And I’ll be on the other side
I have survived another stage of life
I can say this now with pride

I’m a happy, healthy person
And I won’t stress about a thing
I will look forward to the next stage
And whatever life may bring

Copyright ©2006 Slim Suzy


Me said...

What a talented lady you are Suzy !!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face this afternoon !!
Keep up the good work and have a great week !

Anne said...

Very clever lady Suzy! Love it - I also had a big grin on my face!!!

michelle said...

Brilliant and I relate to every line.

Trisca said...

Suzy - great poem! Can't relate to the topic yet myself but you've really got a lovely way with words. :-)

I read your last post about autumn and I feel the same way as you. I love watching the cycle of life - seeing the leaves change colour fall to the ground, get tangled up in other plants, and eventually decomposing into the garden. I love the earthy smell that you get at the end of autumn when the ground start getting damp with morning dew and the chill that hangs in the air which makes your nose go red! Autumn would have to be my favourite season.

Hope you're having a lovely day today!

Trisca.. xo

Mary said...

You are such a special, thoughtful and talented woman Suzy. Thanks for sharing :-)

Leighanne said...

What a great poem ~ you are sure to win:)

Em said...

Thanx Suzie ..explains me of late lol... you have a real talent there , have you thought of writing a book and getting it published...

M said...

Bloody brilliant. I am not there yet, and hopefully won't be for a while, but it is good to know it is just a stage that is surviveable.

You are a clever lady. Just let the words flow and capture them as they come out - you never know this could be a new path for you :D