30 April 2006

Realistic weight loss and exercise - your own key

I have been watching a lot of weight loss and fitness shows on TV over the last 12 months or so and I really think they give people the wrong expectations about long term weight loss and health/fitness. We need to find an exercise that we are comfortable doing three to five times a week for the rest of our lives and an eating plan that still enables us to enjoy life.

OK, so spending hours at the gym every day and eating a strict diet will decrease our size, but maintaining it once we are unable to keep up the strict program is another story.

It isn't too hard to find 30 minutes, three to five times a week to walk or jog or do some form of cardio exercise, whether at the gym or at home. Once our desired weight is lost it is important to stick to a low fat, healthy eating plan and drink plenty of water/fluids. Just by sticking to this our new weight CAN be maintained and we can still have a few indulgences.

Next month (May) I will have maintained my goal weight for one whole year. I am so pleased I have now found MY key to staying this weight and I hope everyone, who really wants to, finds their key too!

28 April 2006

Beaconsfield Gold Mine Disaster

My thoughts are with the loved ones of the miners lost in the Beaconsfield Gold Mine in Tasmania. One poor man is confirmed dead and another two are still missing. The poor blokes were just doing their job, trying to earn an honest living.

A small earthquake (at approx 9.25pm 25/4/06) was triggered by ? drilling or ? and this triggered rock slides within the mine. Luckily others found their way out.

When I lived in Newcastle I met a man who had been underground working in a mine when a large earthquake occurred. He and his fellow workers managed to escape injury. He and others there returned to work at the mine once it was safe. Very brave men!
My dear friend recently lost her son in another work accident and I am sure she will probably never come to terms with it. I know I couldn't.

30/4/06 - The two miners are alive! After five days! They have been communicating with rescuers. IT IS A MIRACLE!! It will be many hours, possibly days, before they can be safely rescued and brought to the surface, but water and some food is being sent to them through a pipe and they are able to communicate with the rescuers.

1/5/06 - Food and water has been successfully given to the two trapped miners. Authorities are still saying it will be many, many hours before they can be freed. For their safety and the safety of their rescuers, it is a very slow and painful process of digging and drilling through tonnes of rock.
My prayers and hopes are with them tonight. (I am sure many Australians feel the same way).

2/5/06 - Another day dawns above ground. More hours for those two men to endure being trapped almost 1km under ground. Food and water was sent 12 metres along a PVC pipe that has been inserted through a hole drilled through the rock. Rescuers are keeping in contact with the men. Authorities say it will still be many hours before a tunnel large enough to bring them to safety will be completed.
(Please let this rescue go well).
3/5/06 - A machine has been assembled to slowly drill towards where the men are trapped. It has taken a long time because it had to be assembled, adapted to work horizontally instead of vertically and cemented in. The men are still in contact and are reported to be OK. I watched a very heart wrenching interview with one of their fathers this morning. He hadn't spoken to the media before. He said the family is doing it very hard. It must be so traumatic having to wait and worry for such long time.
It is hoped that once the men are reached they will be well enough to crawl through the new tunnel to safety. (Please let everything go to plan).
4/5/06 - The first smaller tunnel has been made to reach the miners. The head of the machine will now be changed to enable a larger tunnel (big enough to let the miners crawl to safety) to be made around that tunnel through the 16 metres of rock. This will now take 12 to 24 more hours! The miners are said to be in good spirits - actually manging to get some sleep and eating solid food for the first time. Everything is said to be going well so far.
(Hopefully tomorrow will be the day they are saved. All accounts now say Saturday or later though - they must be extremely brave and strong willed men.)
5/5/06 - The rescue is still progressing. The mine manager says all is going well and he actually had a smile on his face today for the first time. It may be some time tomorrow when the rescuers finally break through the rock to reach the miners. The final stage has to be done by hand as it is too dangerous to use machinery too close to them.
(Not only Australians, but many people throughout the World are hoping and praying for a safe outcome)
06/05/06 So close and yet so far - Rescuers are now using state of the art hand held tools to try and get through the last metre or so of rock to reach the miners. It may be late tonight or tomorrow. 11 nights now!!!!!!!!! They are made of tougher stuff than most people I would say to still be sane after this long.
(Please let them be free soon!)
7/5/06 - Terrible, dark, rainy and windy day here today. News that rescuers have hit very hard rock and it is taking much, much longer than expected to drill through the last couple of metres to reach the men.
Shocking news of the death of news reporter Richard Carleton, who suffered a suspected heart attack minutes after asking the mine manager a question at a press conference outside the mine. Many people witnessed this and shock and sadness has added to their stress of waiting for the rescue.
(Hopefully things will go better overnight)
8/5/06 - Cold, frosty but bright morning today. Looks like being a mild, sunny day.
(Let this lovely bright day be the day that the miners are finally free after 13 nights trapped underground.)

24 April 2006

Op Shopping

I know I have said this before, but I LOVE op shopping! I may recycle some of my things, but I also donate to the op shops and buy from them too. My dear eldest grand-daughter (nearly 13) loves to shop there too, and every chance we get we go together.
Today I found a gorgeous pale blue Esprit jumper (XS) for $6.50 and a nice denim skirt Size 10 for $3.50. They should look quite OK with my black boots and a black belt over!?
They are both now washed and I am sure the skirt had never been worn/washed before! I also saw a pair of Just Jeans Size 12 jeans still with the tags attached, marked $69.95 for $6.50. Unfortunately (I would have NEVER been able to say this before), they were too big for me! I also bought more knitting needles (50 cents a pair!).
My dear grand-son came too and he chose a couple of magazines. I was showing him some childrens' books, but he (just turned 6) had his eye on an XBox magazine and a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle magazine, so he bought those! How scary, he is growing up so quickly. Little Miss Cutie (aged 3) chose a Nursery Rhyme book. Their dear father was a bit worried about op shop books, but I quickly tried to explain it is no different from reading books from the library. All was well (I hope!). Anyway we had a great day.
I have been a bit slack with exercise so I will spend time on the crosstainer tomorrow. I also need to to work off the HUGE helping of lasagne I had for tea tonight.
Hope you are all having a FUN week!

23 April 2006


I have given away most of my clothes that are now too big for me and now I have started knitting again I wish I had kept my knitted jumpers to recycle.

DH has accidently lost about 5 kilos since I have lost weight and his beautiful black knitted jumper that I made him a couple of years ago (and he had hardly worn) is now way too big. Last night I tried to unpick the stitches to re-knit it but, as I had sewn it up never to come undone, I couldn't get it undone. I then had a half cut up mess! I couldn't bear to throw away all my hard work so I decided to get my sewing machine out and make cushion covers! I am so glad I saved my knitting.

Don't always throw out or give away - recycle!!!
P.S. (Why doesn't black photograph well?)

18 April 2006

Hope you all survived!

I hope everyone survived Easter. Our family decided not to give Easter eggs this year, which was a blessing. I did weaken though and bought myself some Ferrero Rochers and DH bought himself some little eggs. I always buy jamas for the littles, so my dear grandchildren gave us some Cadbury Favourites (yum). I will try to be careful with those.

It was lovely to have everyone visit for a while though. I still can't believe that Easter has come and gone already. The year is flying!

I didn't have to go to work today as the Surgery is closed. I will go back on Thursday.

I am OVER neighbours! Our other neighbours have started complaining about our cat (after a year) visiting their yard. Instead of shooing her out or putting the hose on her to discourage her from visiting, they pick her up and cuddle her and then bring her back and complain about her being there. Of course she thinks they love her!!!!!!!!!!!! I told them it was up to them to get rid of her out of their yard. She is an outside cat between 8.30am and 3.30pm and lives comfortably in our/her laundry the rest of the time.

Why can't people just LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time/If any neighbour asks me how I am, I am going to say MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, LIKE YOU SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am angry????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, that feels better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 April 2006

Just had to share this with you!

My daughter sent this to me and I knew you would like it!

Have a Happy, Restful, Safe Easter everyone!

11 April 2006

First day went well

I had a good first day back at work. It was nice to see the girls. I tucked myself away from the madness and typed all day. We use a dictaphone and the Surgeon is usually so tired when he is dictating that he just mumbles along. Luckily we can all understand the mumbles. I stared at the screen and dictaphone for a while until it all came flooding back to me and I was OK.

I decided to start at 9, have 1/2 hour for lunch and leave at 4.30. I didn't need to go for a walk as I jogged for 30 minutes on my tramp early this morning. I was a good girl and took my water with me. I will have to take 2 bottles though as I ran out and filled it with tap water(YUCK). I am used to my filtered water now and it is so much nicer. Took my wholegrain turkey and salad roll, some almonds and dried apricots and a mini mars lite.

Came home to my Moroccan Lamb casserole cooking nicely in the slow cooker. The base was a Maggi packet one, but I added lots more vegies than the packet said. I have made some herb dumplings now, so it should be yummy.

Looking forward to having my dear little grand-daughter tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone!

08 April 2006

Bri has asked for a photo!

  • Bri
  • has asked for a photo of the pink jumper I knitted. Here is the grey one too. (sorry to overdose you with my photo but the jumpers look better on than off). I finished it last night to wear to a craft fair I went to in Hobart today. Dear daughter and I had a lovely day. So many talented people making beautiful items. We didn't buy much, but we both came away with some ideas and inspiration for new projects. It was FREEZING there. Lots of snow on Mt Wellington. I was very glad of my nice warm jumper.

    I have actually lost another 1/2 a kilo this week but I won't change my ticker as I think it was mainly due to not being well and not drinking any alcohol, and that won't last too long. I have been back on the crosstrainer though, so I am pleased about that.

    No more news for now. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

    04 April 2006

    Feeling much better

    Thankyou all for your get well messages.

    I have survived! It is a nasty bug though. Seems like lots of our blogging friends have caught it too! Hope you are all feeling better soon.

    Yes, I have finished the pink jumper and I am half way through a dark charcoal grey (different pattern) jumper. Not much housework being done and no exercise. I am hoping to feel well enough in the morning to do some jogging on my tramp.

    Had a surprise phone call today from the VERY busy Specialist Surgery where I worked a couple of years ago. The girl who replaced me when I "retired" is leaving and they are in a spot of bother, so they have asked me if I could go back and do some medical typing until they find a replacement and train her. The hours are up to me, whatever I can spare. I told them I would go two days a week, so I will mind my darling grand-daughter two days, work two days and have Fridays to do my own thing. OMG, that will be a shock to the system for a while! I can wear jeans, as I will be away from the public eye, so that is a blessing! I didn't want to buy new office clothes.

    OMG, less time for blogging. How will I cope????