11 April 2006

First day went well

I had a good first day back at work. It was nice to see the girls. I tucked myself away from the madness and typed all day. We use a dictaphone and the Surgeon is usually so tired when he is dictating that he just mumbles along. Luckily we can all understand the mumbles. I stared at the screen and dictaphone for a while until it all came flooding back to me and I was OK.

I decided to start at 9, have 1/2 hour for lunch and leave at 4.30. I didn't need to go for a walk as I jogged for 30 minutes on my tramp early this morning. I was a good girl and took my water with me. I will have to take 2 bottles though as I ran out and filled it with tap water(YUCK). I am used to my filtered water now and it is so much nicer. Took my wholegrain turkey and salad roll, some almonds and dried apricots and a mini mars lite.

Came home to my Moroccan Lamb casserole cooking nicely in the slow cooker. The base was a Maggi packet one, but I added lots more vegies than the packet said. I have made some herb dumplings now, so it should be yummy.

Looking forward to having my dear little grand-daughter tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone!


Zanna said...

Glad to hear you first day went so well - guess it's like riding the porverbial bike - it all comes rushing back. Hope you have a lovely Easter with your family

littlegrover said...

Yum, your dinner sounded great - Sounds like you'll have no trouble getting back into the swing of things.

M said...

Congratulations on surviving your first day, but more than that, on planning your day for success so well. So many of us (me) would have been so overawed by the first day that thoughts of prepared lunches, dinners, snacks, would have been the furthest thing from my mind and so a bad habit is formed. AND you planned in your exercise.

No wonder you look so sensational in your new jumpers.

I am thinking of changing my name to Suzy to see if some of your good habits rub off on me LOL.

Hope you have another great day tomorrow :D

Anne said...

Pleased your first day went well.

Good on you being so organised with dinner cooking away!

Have fun with your little grand daughter:)

Me said...

So glad to hear you had a good day back at work.
I'm like you - I cannot drink tap water now that I have got used to drinking filtered water (of course if I was drinking any water I am sure my body would be very happy with me - it's just not happening at the moment !!!)
HAve a great time with your grand-daughter today.

Julie's journey said...

You certainly planned the day well. Really impressed. I need to take a leaf out of your book. Have fun with your granddaughter and have a really lovely weekend.

Jodie said...

Glad to hear your first day back to the grindstone wasn't too stressful. It's like riding a bike. You never forget!! Take care and have a great Easter. XX

linda said...

Glad your 1st day went well. I'll have to look for your herb dumpling recipe.

Gabreael said...

Happy Easter!



Mary said...

Tap water, yuck! I agree.