24 April 2006

Op Shopping

I know I have said this before, but I LOVE op shopping! I may recycle some of my things, but I also donate to the op shops and buy from them too. My dear eldest grand-daughter (nearly 13) loves to shop there too, and every chance we get we go together.
Today I found a gorgeous pale blue Esprit jumper (XS) for $6.50 and a nice denim skirt Size 10 for $3.50. They should look quite OK with my black boots and a black belt over!?
They are both now washed and I am sure the skirt had never been worn/washed before! I also saw a pair of Just Jeans Size 12 jeans still with the tags attached, marked $69.95 for $6.50. Unfortunately (I would have NEVER been able to say this before), they were too big for me! I also bought more knitting needles (50 cents a pair!).
My dear grand-son came too and he chose a couple of magazines. I was showing him some childrens' books, but he (just turned 6) had his eye on an XBox magazine and a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle magazine, so he bought those! How scary, he is growing up so quickly. Little Miss Cutie (aged 3) chose a Nursery Rhyme book. Their dear father was a bit worried about op shop books, but I quickly tried to explain it is no different from reading books from the library. All was well (I hope!). Anyway we had a great day.
I have been a bit slack with exercise so I will spend time on the crosstainer tomorrow. I also need to to work off the HUGE helping of lasagne I had for tea tonight.
Hope you are all having a FUN week!


littlegrover said...

Nothing better than buying something that you know is a real bargain - the good thing is you can buy more and more (mmmm, maybe this isn't so good for the budget!)

Philippa said...

I used to stay away from op shops because they never had anything that fitted me!

I want to go and check them out now, after hearing about your great bargains!

Love your recycled cushion covers by the way!

michelle said...

Good bargain hunting Sue. And sz 12 jeans were tooo big?? Who would have thought that a year a go.

Julie's journey said...

I love op shopping too but now Im back at work I never seem to have the time. You may have inspired me to drop into LIfeline today when I go to the butchers.
No remove that comment I have enough clothes and have made myself promise that if I buy anything I have to get rid of 5 items! LOL

Sue said...

The mob of teenagers have just finished furnishing their senior common room at school with op shop furniture - the tradition is that each year the year 13 smash all the furniture at the end of the year, so next year's lot have to buy more!

Melinda said...

Wow, what a little bargin buyer you are.....I never have any luck with op shops but my friend and son's girlfriend get great stuff for next to nicks!
Love the cushion covers!

M said...

What a wonderful feeling "No thanks - it is too BIG for me" You are such an inspiration Suzy. Busy life, busy family, but still maintaining. And more importantly finding really cool op clothes :D

Hope you will post a photo when modelling them

Zanna said...

When I first came to Australia, we had a very limited budget, the kids were little and I wasn't working. I became an opshop expert - husband used to say that he reckoned I could refurbish my wardrobe for $10! Unfortunately now don't seem to have the time (and I guess no longer driven by the need) to scrounge for bargains - I do miss it sometimes.

Leighanne said...

It is amazing when looking through op shops, how much of the clothes still have tags on!!
they are great to get things for the kids dressup days too - I go to find things for the kids and end up with more stuff for me..lol

Anne said...

Good work finding bargains! Size 12 too big as well!!!

Love the cushion covers as well. You have got me going with the knitting now!

Em said...

We all love Op shopping too..it is truly amazing what some ppl throw away. Good idea about D/H 's jumper..so much work goes into knitting or any craft for that matter so definately recycle when you can. Have a great week

Briony said...

I love Op shopping too, just don't get the time anymore. I always donate my old or too big clothes to the op shops too, it's always nice to give.
Hope you're having a great week!

Mary said...

Good point made about op shopping and Library items! I'll be using that one, thanks :-)

Jaykay said...

I can't seem to find any decent op shops. All the ones I go into only have really really old stuff, nothing modern.

Oh well, I'll keep looking.

Have a great weekend Suzy.