28 May 2006

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou

And Thankyou again, for all the lovely 50th Birthday wishes to me.

I have had a lovely week. Since we last spoke my children gave me a beautiful pair of sapphire and diamond earrings. They are gorgeous! Yes my "kids" and the earrings.

The party is over and it is time to "de-tox"! I have had more than my share of alcohol lately and I am now going to have an alcohol-free week. I have been fairly good with food, but have certainly been eating exactly what I wanted. My weight has remained stable, no thanks to the amount of exercise I have been doing, as that has been almost non-existent. I did pull a muscle in my upper back last week during my only day at work! I carried a heavy box of patient files to the office next door where I do my typing and have certainly paid for it since. That is almost 100% now though, so no more excuses not to use my crosstrainer.

So here is the plan this week:

No Alcohol (As at Friday - so far, so good)
Lots of water
Only eat healthy food (A few twisties crept in!)
Monday - 30 mins jog on tramp (done)
Tuesday - 30 mins crosstrainer (done)
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 30 mins jog on tramp (done)
Friday - 30 mins crosstrainer (done)
Saturday - 30 mins jog on tramp while watching "Knitty Gritty" (no tramp - watched Knitty and then DH and I went on our 12km walk to town and back - subway for lunch 1/2 way of course)
Sunday - 30 mins crosstrainer


22 May 2006

YAY!!! I'm 50!

I made it!
I am 1/2 a Hundred!!

Happy Birthday to me!

I am having lunch with my children, dinner with DH and friends, lunch tomorrow with friends and dinner on Saturday night with DH, my children and family and then a tiny party here at home afterwards. I think three days of celebrations should be enough!

DH gave me a lovely ring with diamonds in a half circle. Others have given me a lovely silver jewellery box lined with dark blue velvet and "Sue" engraved on top, some pretty aqua satin jamas with pink flowers embroidered on them and a CD. I have been very spoilt!

One year old me and 50 year old me!

16 May 2006

Slow cooking

The moral of this story is don't cook a slow cooker meal when you are at home. It smells too yummy and makes me feel hungry! But I will wait till tea time. Beef and herb dumplings.

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Breakfast with DH, dear daughter, dear son-in-law and dear littles. Dear daughter knitted me some fantastic socks. They are SO warm and will even fit under my boots.

In the afternoon I visited dear son who is recovering slowly. He loved the pumpkin soup and I have since made him some lightly curried creamy vegetable soup and stewed some apples for him. He is so sick of sloppy food but can't chew anything yet. His jeans were nearly falling off him today. He has been on a health kick the last few months and had lost 8 kilos but has lost another 5 kilos in 5 days. He has been keeping up the fluids though and the vegies should mean he isn't missing out on too many vitamins.

Thankyou for all your good wishes for him. He is getting grumpy, so he must be getting better!

One week until my Birthday! 50505050505050505050505050505050!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 May 2006

What a horrible way to lose weight!

Yesterday my dear son had his four wisdom teeth extracted under anaesthetic. I spent the afternoon and evening with him and he is already so swollen and in so much pain. I feel so helpless that I can't do anything, except make him some pumpkin soup for when his appetite comes back. He is almost 29, but he is still my little boy and I hate to see him hurting.

Why do we have to have teeth?! They are nothing but trouble from the time they first break through!

10 May 2006

Blogging for a year!!!

Unlike this poor man's partner, my DH accepts that my blogging is part of me now!

I have now been blogging for one year!!

I want to thank you all for keeping in touch with me and helping me stay on track. It is great to have you all as friends and I have really appreciated your comments throughout the year.

My next anniversary will be my 50th Birthday in two weeks! I need to have lots of exercise until then as I intend to celebrate with family, food and lots of wine!!

06 May 2006

So close and yet so far

Sorry I haven't been catching up with everyone lately. As well as keeping busy, I have been very worried about those two poor blokes trapped in the mine here in Tasmania. I know there have been a lot of other disasters in other States and other parts of the World, but the plight of these two men has really touched my heart. (As you can see from my post below on the 28/4).

Hopefully they will be free tonight or tomorrow.

Take care everyone.
"Talk" to you soon.

It is now the 9th of May and Todd and Brant are safely above ground. All the hard work of the rescuers and the hopes and prayers of many people has not been in vain. It is a true miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!