10 May 2006

Blogging for a year!!!

Unlike this poor man's partner, my DH accepts that my blogging is part of me now!

I have now been blogging for one year!!

I want to thank you all for keeping in touch with me and helping me stay on track. It is great to have you all as friends and I have really appreciated your comments throughout the year.

My next anniversary will be my 50th Birthday in two weeks! I need to have lots of exercise until then as I intend to celebrate with family, food and lots of wine!!


Zanna said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary and thanks for your ongoing support to my blog. Hope you have a wonderful 50th - mine was last year and I loved every minute of it - especially the holiday in Thailand.

Sarah said...

I notice you have another anniversary - you got to goal 15 Mat 2005 - thats a year on Monday as well! GO YOU!
How awesome that you hit your 50th at full speed ahead, having achieved this!

Little Purl said...

Happy anniversary and have a happy 50th!

Briony said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary (oh that sounds a bit rude!! LOL). Blogging is great, just wish my DH understood why I do it!
Have a great week.

M said...

Wow Suzy that is fantastic. It seems like we have all become such close friends in such a short time. A year is nothing in the grand scheme of things and I am very proud to have spent this year knowing you.


And bring on the 50th. Though you could easily have put 40th and no-one would have been the wiser :D

Mary said...

WHOO HOO! Congratulations Miss Suzy Sue :-) I am so glad I have *met* you and look forward to many more posts to come.

Em said...

Happy 12months of blogging Suzy....I know your support on my blog is awsome and I always enjoy reading your posts. Your birthday is something to look forward to especially your 50th...how proud you must be thinking of just how much you have achieved.Enjoy the rest of your week

Melinda said...

That little cartoon cracked me up, I love the way you put all these little things in your blog, makes such enjoyable reading.
Congratulations on blogging for 12 months and thank you for making it public!
Also thank you for trying to help me put my photo in my profile. I still can't do it and feel really dumb but my computer guru says it may be something in my settings. He will be visiting next week so I will put him to work!
Cheers Melinda

Julie's journey said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Im with M, you could pass for 40. Thank you for being part of my blogging world, congratulations on doing it for a year - you comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Have a drink for me from me.

Anne said...

Congrats on one year of blogging. Really love your cheery inspiring posts.

Thanks heaps for the support you've given me since I've been here.

Also wishing you all the best for your 50th:) Hope it is a wonderfule celebration - enjoy:)