16 May 2006

Slow cooking

The moral of this story is don't cook a slow cooker meal when you are at home. It smells too yummy and makes me feel hungry! But I will wait till tea time. Beef and herb dumplings.

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Breakfast with DH, dear daughter, dear son-in-law and dear littles. Dear daughter knitted me some fantastic socks. They are SO warm and will even fit under my boots.

In the afternoon I visited dear son who is recovering slowly. He loved the pumpkin soup and I have since made him some lightly curried creamy vegetable soup and stewed some apples for him. He is so sick of sloppy food but can't chew anything yet. His jeans were nearly falling off him today. He has been on a health kick the last few months and had lost 8 kilos but has lost another 5 kilos in 5 days. He has been keeping up the fluids though and the vegies should mean he isn't missing out on too many vitamins.

Thankyou for all your good wishes for him. He is getting grumpy, so he must be getting better!

One week until my Birthday! 50505050505050505050505050505050!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little Purl said...

Slim Suzy, surely you're not turning 50505050505050505050505050505050? Haha. Your poor son! Give him a kiss from me!
Love Little Purlxx

Briony said...

I love my slow cooker, haven't used it this year yet, but i'm sure I will soon, it's so cold these days.
You're on the countdown now, hope you have something special planned for next week!

Ails said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day! Advice on the slow cooker well taken - I don't have one but have been thinking of getting one for ages, figured it'll be good to set it just before I leave for work and then return to a house full of delicious aromas and can instantly bog into it!! Ohhhh, one week to go, how exciting!!! Any plans you can share with us yet? Have a great week leading up to be fantastic 50, Ails xxx

michelle said...

Soon to be 50 but I bet you feel much younger after the past year. What are you planning for celebration?
I empathise with you worrying about your son. My son had his out i hospital while I was O/S, I made many anxious calls home at the time worrying. No matter how old they are we just want to fix our babies pain don't we?

M said...

LOL about the smells driving you crazy. We have been known to eat dinner at 4.00pm because we couldnt wait any longer. :D

So glad your Mothers day was great. You certainly deserve it. And you don't look nearly 50 at all! Must be all this healthy living :)

Mary said...

LOL gosh, it would be so hard not to snack all day! Good to hear your son is getting better and not long now to your birthday, whoot!

Leighanne said...

I just hope that I look as young as you do when I get to 50!!!

Melinda said...

Read your post last night and you inspired me (again)to get mine out and now a have a yummy casserole/stew cooking away.

Bet you can't wait till your birthday. Do you think your family may have some surprises in store for you?

linda said...

your mothers day sounded lovely. I can't believe u are turning 50.. I hope to look as good as you when I get there.

Em said...

Sorry to hear about your son and I know how you feel my 12 yr old had burst appendix on Sunday and was operated on and in so much pain and you do feel so helpless..glad hes feeling better now though. Glad you had a lovely Mother,s Day and your slow cooker meal sounds delicious.

Jadey 0:-) said...

I need to buy one of those slow cookers - everyone seems to be using them and I believe meats etc come out sooo tender!

Beef and herd dumplings does sound devine - no wonder your mouth is watering.

A Girl Running said...

oh your poor son, I just read about his extractions...ouch

What date is your birthday. My nan turns 70 next saturday, I can't wait, I love my nan - I have bought her diamond earings (as she has never had any) and we are taking her out for dinner.

50 is a special birthday - what will you be doing?

ps: I hope you don't mind me asking a question for your brilliant running husband - has he ever had a calf injury and if so can he tell me how to prevent it happening again

thank you :)

Jaykay said...

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out too but instead of losing weight during recovery I put it on!!

Found that mashed potato and gravy was great for the pain!!!

Must get my slow cooker out again...have neglected it lately.

Felicity said...

I haave been thinking about getting a slow cooker myself-its all fine an dandy setting the casserole in the oven but some one has to be home at 3 to turn it on. Not a lot of room in the kitchen gaget cupboard though so it would need to get LOTS of use.
I can remember the lady in the bed next to me in the maternity home saying all children should be born with faulse teeth would save so much pain and money.

Philippa said...

Ooh, not long till your birthday now! And it's only five days till mine now too!

Hope your son is ok. When I had some wisdom teeth out 2 and a half years ago it was the worst pain I've experienced. And it was on my holidays too!!

Hope you're well xx

Anne said...

I'm another fan of the slow cooker - especially this time of the year.
What date is the big day?