29 June 2006

Easy scarf and hand warmers

I bought four 50g balls of Moda Dea (Richochet) yarn to knit Dear Daughter's scarf pattern. I knitted half the scarf and the yarn really didn't show the pattern well, so I have re-made the yarn into this skinny scarf and hand warmers. The scarf is only plain knitting (I used two balls knitted together, size 10mm needles and only 12 stitches so it knitted really quickly, used a total of 3 balls) and the hand warmer (which used 1 ball) pattern is
  • here

  • Very easy yarn to knit and very warm. Hopefully this will encourage me to WALK!!!!

    26 June 2006

    Yummy healthy loaf and some crocheting

    I made this yummy, healthy loaf yesterday and thought you may like the recipe (in my Recipe Blog). I will freeze it in slices. Of course I will spread it with laughing cow cheese before eating, but it is quite nice plain as well.

    My current crafty project is this crocheted throw rug. I bought lots of 5ply pure wool from the Op Shop (all for $6!) and decided to crochet it. I may try to tie dye it when I am finished. Haven't decided yet. I feel very grannyish when I crochet, moreso than when knitting for some reason. Anyway it takes my mind off the awful weather.

    My Dear Daughter dropped off Dear smallest Grand-daughter this morning and she had on the most beautfiul scarf I have ever seen! She made it over the weekend. She was in a rush, so I didn't have time to check out the pattern properly, but I can't wait to knit one too.

    No news on the exercise or weight front. I am jogging on my tramp, but my crosstrainer is collecting dust so I must get motivated this week.

    Have a great week everyone!

    23 June 2006

    Time for some soup

    It is a horrible dark day here today and I have just made some Minestone Soup (recipe in my Recipe blog) and savoury scones for our lunch. I am OVER winter. I know there is a long way to go, but it has been too cold! Anyway the soup should warm us up.

    Speaking of soup, my dear Son was just recovering from his wisdom teeth extraction and starting on solid foods when he was eating a sandwich at work and suddenly his jaw made a loud bang (loud enough for others to hear) and he was in extreme pain. He has had xrays and ultrasounds and he has a cracked jawbone and a damaged tendon, most likely caused by over-extending the jaw during the extractions! The Dentist didn't even say sorry, just said it sometimes happens. DS wasn't warned of this before the procedure though! I think he may just have put up with toothache instead of all the trouble he has had! The Doctor and dentist say it will take about three months to heal. He is sick of soup and is mainly living on smoothies, soft vegies and beer. Not fair!!!!

    Have a fun weekend everyone and be careful toasting your marshmallows by the fire!

    19 June 2006

    Back to "normal"

    DH is back at work today after two weeks off and my little stint at work has finished, so this week I am returning to "normal". I have been cleaning the house today. Not just cleaning around things, but actually moving them and cleaning under. Feel very happy with myself. I will do two rooms each day and should be finished at the end of the week. I am basically a tidy person, but not inside cupboards and drawers. I start out with good intentions, clean and straighten everything and gradually as I use things and put them back I end up poking them in anywhere and hoping the door will shut. Very naughty. I am trying to change! Life would be much easier!
    I bought my favourite perfume on ebay a couple of weeks ago. Paid about $50 and the parcel didn't turn up! It is the first time I have had trouble in over 100 transactions! Anyway the seller kindly sent me another parcel (thank goodness) and all was well (for me anyway). I felt so sorry for her though! How annoying! Someone has obviously accepted my parcel and is now enjoying some free perfume! I was so lucky that she was an honest seller and had another perfume to replace it. I quite enjoy the thrill of winning an auction on ebay or sometimes selling my unwanted items. I think it is a great option and has mostly restored my faith in human nature with the amount of reliable people out there.
    I haven't had much motivation on the exercise front. It has been so COLD! I am sure this winter is the coldest for a few years. Last year I was happy to walk my 10,000 steps a day out in the cool, crisp air but this year I just want to stay inside. Hopefully I won't do too much damage.
    Hope all is well at your place!

    12 June 2006

    Exhausted but home safely

    Here I am in Melbourne. The weather was fairly ordinary, but I was warm and cosy in my "fru fru" jacket (a bit too much fake fur, but I don't care, it is warm). We walked and walked and walked, so I was glad to sit and have a rest.

    Now I am home I am feeling VERY tired. We had a good time, although I ate all the wrong things and didn't sleep very well so consequently today I am exhausted. Anyway I will rest and eat lots of vegies and I should soon recover.

    I enjoyed the footy at the Telstra Dome. It is a great venue.

    I couldn't make any decisions shopping so I ended up only buying a brown suede handbag. I'm happy with that though.

    I am actually glad I live in a small town and don't have to contend with crowds of people and long queues for everything. I guess the long weekend made things busy too. I enjoyed the visit to Melbourne but I am glad to be home.

    07 June 2006

    Knitting and crafting and winning prizes

    I haven't had much news lately except it is SO cold here most days. I have been knitting and crafting (vest for DH shown here and brooches for me. I also knitted a dark red cardigan/jacket for me but the colour wouldn't photograph well) and DH has been on holidays, so we have been walking together a lot. So much so in fact my legs feel like they are about to drop off. It didn't help that he has been walking fast as he hasn't been able to run recently due to a knee injury. I have been struggling to keep up with him and also doing the "pretending to hold the $10 note u know where" trick to tighten up my buttocks. Ouch, something better be working cause I am in pain!

    The only other news I have is that DH won a competition at the Casino. Drank a Crown Lager, filled in a coupon and won an all expenses paid trip to Melbourne to see the footy at the Telstra Dome. We are making a "flying" visit tomorrow. Will also go to the Aquarium as I love looking at the fishies there and will finish the night with a flutter at the Casino. Yay, I am so excited. We haven't been to Melbourne for ages.

    I also won a $172 pack of OXO kitchen products. Graters, peelers etc. in a 25 words or less competition. I think our luck is in and it is only a matter of time before we strike a REALLY BIG prize! (Sign of an eternal optimist and a true gambler)

    Hope you are all well and happy and don't have too much frost on your beds in the mornings.