19 June 2006

Back to "normal"

DH is back at work today after two weeks off and my little stint at work has finished, so this week I am returning to "normal". I have been cleaning the house today. Not just cleaning around things, but actually moving them and cleaning under. Feel very happy with myself. I will do two rooms each day and should be finished at the end of the week. I am basically a tidy person, but not inside cupboards and drawers. I start out with good intentions, clean and straighten everything and gradually as I use things and put them back I end up poking them in anywhere and hoping the door will shut. Very naughty. I am trying to change! Life would be much easier!
I bought my favourite perfume on ebay a couple of weeks ago. Paid about $50 and the parcel didn't turn up! It is the first time I have had trouble in over 100 transactions! Anyway the seller kindly sent me another parcel (thank goodness) and all was well (for me anyway). I felt so sorry for her though! How annoying! Someone has obviously accepted my parcel and is now enjoying some free perfume! I was so lucky that she was an honest seller and had another perfume to replace it. I quite enjoy the thrill of winning an auction on ebay or sometimes selling my unwanted items. I think it is a great option and has mostly restored my faith in human nature with the amount of reliable people out there.
I haven't had much motivation on the exercise front. It has been so COLD! I am sure this winter is the coldest for a few years. Last year I was happy to walk my 10,000 steps a day out in the cool, crisp air but this year I just want to stay inside. Hopefully I won't do too much damage.
Hope all is well at your place!


linda said...

Gotta love housework!! That was lucky that the Ebay seller sent you another perfume. Don't get many people like that around. Have a great week.

Ails said...

Reading your post reminds me of how much 'extra' cleaning I need to do over the next couple of weeks - there'll be a lot of lifting and moving items, not just cleaning around them!!

You are lucky with that eBay auction, though in over 100 transactions myself, I've only been stiffed once as well. A friend of mine put me onto www.strawberrynet.com for cheap cosmetics and perfumes - good prices, free delivery and your items even come gift-wrapped. She has been really happy with the service and has ordered through this about 3 times now.

I agree with you - it has been the closest winter in ages. It's freezing here in central Victoria in the mornings, brrr!!

Have a great 'normal' week Suzy,
Ails xxx

Ails said...

ummm, that was meant to read "coldest winter" not closest!

Gotta love typos :)

Jodie said...

That's actually the first bad story I've heard about Ebay. I love it but it's actually quite addictive so I normally try to steer clear!! Glad you got another bottle anyway! XX

Kate said...

Hehe I love tidying and cleaning up - it's so satsfying! Just wish it stayed nice and clean for longer!!

Zanna said...

As an absolute perfume freak I need to ask - what's your favourite perfume then? Or are you like me and have a vast selection and choose according to your mood?
Take care

michelle said...

Can you come and clean my house for me... I hate the cold and it seems to make me lazier. Have a good weekend.

Mary said...

Hey yeah, can you come around to my place as well LOL ;-) Cleaning your house definitely makes you feel good. Good news about the Ebay purchase too. *bbrrr* and it's been way to cold to do anything!