07 June 2006

Knitting and crafting and winning prizes

I haven't had much news lately except it is SO cold here most days. I have been knitting and crafting (vest for DH shown here and brooches for me. I also knitted a dark red cardigan/jacket for me but the colour wouldn't photograph well) and DH has been on holidays, so we have been walking together a lot. So much so in fact my legs feel like they are about to drop off. It didn't help that he has been walking fast as he hasn't been able to run recently due to a knee injury. I have been struggling to keep up with him and also doing the "pretending to hold the $10 note u know where" trick to tighten up my buttocks. Ouch, something better be working cause I am in pain!

The only other news I have is that DH won a competition at the Casino. Drank a Crown Lager, filled in a coupon and won an all expenses paid trip to Melbourne to see the footy at the Telstra Dome. We are making a "flying" visit tomorrow. Will also go to the Aquarium as I love looking at the fishies there and will finish the night with a flutter at the Casino. Yay, I am so excited. We haven't been to Melbourne for ages.

I also won a $172 pack of OXO kitchen products. Graters, peelers etc. in a 25 words or less competition. I think our luck is in and it is only a matter of time before we strike a REALLY BIG prize! (Sign of an eternal optimist and a true gambler)

Hope you are all well and happy and don't have too much frost on your beds in the mornings.


CaramelKitKat said...

You are a sensational knitter! Honestly, you never cease to amaze, both with the attractive designs and how quickly to churn them out. I'm in awe.

Secondly, what did you write to win a 25 word contest?? I used to enter those things all the time (and of course thought I was a shoe-in, hehe) without much luck and I always wanted to know what did win - but of course they don't tell you, grrr!

CaramelKitKat said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention how artfully the vest was presented - the shadows give it a little something extra!

kathrynoh said...

Wow, congratulations. I can't see the picture of the vest :(

Me said...

WOW you really have done well with winning lately - hope you have a great time in Melbourne.
I can't imagine waking up with frost on the bed !!!!!! It is all I can do to get out of bed when it is below about 16 degrees.
Have a great weekend and take care.

Leighanne said...

Hope you had a great trip to melb - was a nice day here for you both!!

Love the brooches - wish I was that crafty:)

Mary said...

WHOO HOO someone reckons it's YOUR turn now to be spoilt now :-) Great to hear things are so well for you and have an awesome time in Melbourne!

littlegrover said...

Wow, something big has got the come your string of goodluck!

LOL at the mental picture of you holding a $10 note in the you know where - must give that a go myself I think!!

Have fun in Melbourne - It sounds like a nice little getaway!

Julie's journey said...

You two are definitely on a roll. Enjoy your trip to Melbourne - wish it was me. Loved the brooches by the way...