23 June 2006

Time for some soup

It is a horrible dark day here today and I have just made some Minestone Soup (recipe in my Recipe blog) and savoury scones for our lunch. I am OVER winter. I know there is a long way to go, but it has been too cold! Anyway the soup should warm us up.

Speaking of soup, my dear Son was just recovering from his wisdom teeth extraction and starting on solid foods when he was eating a sandwich at work and suddenly his jaw made a loud bang (loud enough for others to hear) and he was in extreme pain. He has had xrays and ultrasounds and he has a cracked jawbone and a damaged tendon, most likely caused by over-extending the jaw during the extractions! The Dentist didn't even say sorry, just said it sometimes happens. DS wasn't warned of this before the procedure though! I think he may just have put up with toothache instead of all the trouble he has had! The Doctor and dentist say it will take about three months to heal. He is sick of soup and is mainly living on smoothies, soft vegies and beer. Not fair!!!!

Have a fun weekend everyone and be careful toasting your marshmallows by the fire!


Me said...

What an awful thing to happen to your son - I hope he is feeling better soon.
Thanks for the well wishes with my new job - I am really looking forward to it.
Take care and have a great weekend (you know you could always move to the Gold Coast if you wanted good weather !!!)

kathrynoh said...

Your poor son... that sounds hideous!

The soup, on the other hand, looks mighty delicous.

Jadey 0:-) said...

OMG your poor son! I would be talking about suing the dentist - you should be warned of the complications that might occur and overextending the jaw is obviously a stuff up on his behalf. That soup looks great! And scones. mmmm scones. Jeez it's cold.

Philippa said...

OMG, your poor boy - how awful!! That sounds just horrible!

I too am over winter! But I recall saying something on a 43 degree day in January that I would never complain about winter again - and so I'm not!! (wink)

Have a great weekend

Doug Bagley said...

I feel for your son. I've been in his shoes, not fun. Not at all.

Julie's journey said...

Im with you about winter. Mind you after a few really hot days and nights I am ususally over summer too! Sometimes there is no pleasing people.
Hope your son isnt in too much pain and maybe he should explore the option of financial restitution due to loss of earnings or whatever. Seems mighty unfair to me.

shinyruby said...

how GOOD and warming does that soup look! yum.. think i'll have to try it out this weekend! : )

i am rubbing my jaw in sympathy pains for your son. OUCH!


Thoughtful said...

Firstly thanks for reading and commenting on ym blog, I am feeling a bit more positive today :)

Secondly OMG your poor son!

Ethically the dentist should have warned him of unwanted sequalae to the surgery (not sure of the legalities), the reason he hasn't said sorry is that it implies responsibility for the break.

However if your son is up to it he should investigate some form of compensation for pain and suffering or work related losses. He should have had been able to give informed consent (which includes any side effects which have a probability of happening and the liklihood of such things occuring).

Poor thing :(

Hope he has a speedy recovery!

You seem very creative, I like the stuff you make. My mum is a fantastic knitter - she can't crochet though sadly! She said she always wanted to learn but never found anyone to teach her!

Mary said...

OMG your poor son! That sounds terrible. I hope he is doing better now. What a nightmare. The soup looks delish though...mmm.