26 June 2006

Yummy healthy loaf and some crocheting

I made this yummy, healthy loaf yesterday and thought you may like the recipe (in my Recipe Blog). I will freeze it in slices. Of course I will spread it with laughing cow cheese before eating, but it is quite nice plain as well.

My current crafty project is this crocheted throw rug. I bought lots of 5ply pure wool from the Op Shop (all for $6!) and decided to crochet it. I may try to tie dye it when I am finished. Haven't decided yet. I feel very grannyish when I crochet, moreso than when knitting for some reason. Anyway it takes my mind off the awful weather.

My Dear Daughter dropped off Dear smallest Grand-daughter this morning and she had on the most beautfiul scarf I have ever seen! She made it over the weekend. She was in a rush, so I didn't have time to check out the pattern properly, but I can't wait to knit one too.

No news on the exercise or weight front. I am jogging on my tramp, but my crosstrainer is collecting dust so I must get motivated this week.

Have a great week everyone!


littlegrover said...

You are such a clever lady! Reading your posts makes me want to go and make something! At least you are keeping busy in the cold - makes me think I should stop complaining about the cold in NSW! I really don't think I could move any further down south - it's cold enough for me here!

cchellez said...

Clicked to you from Els blog. You are a fabulous Grandmother! Keep up the great work!

CaramelKitKat said...

In amongst kids, work etc how did you manage to learn and keep up all your crafty skills?? You're very clever.

I have a question and would value your esteemed opinion ;o). On my list of things to do I want to learn to knit properly (beyond, casting on, knit, pearl, casting off and making scarves) and eventually knit a cardigan. At my local wool shop they have a 3hr class for absolute beginners that covers the above. Then there's a 3hr intermediate class that teaches you to read patterns and complete more advanced stiches. They say that after 'mastering' the info in these two sessions one should be able to knit a jumper. Clearly it's not going to happen quickly, but even so, is this realistic?? The only other classes they offer are drop in sessions so you can get help if need be. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts!

CaramelKitKat said...

Oops, I meant "purl". See Suzy, I need your help!

Briony said...

You are so clever, you're inspiring me to cook AND crochet all in one post, just wish I had the time. LOL.
You have a great week too. Keep warm!!

Zanna said...

I never did manage to learn to crochet - used to knit a lot when the boys were little. But being a left hander I was never able to find another left hander to show me how and I used to get tied up in all sorts of knots. You are a very talented lady!

M said...

It's funny - I am crochetting too and it does make me feel granny-ish. LOL. But we aren't I tell you !! (yours is a lot more complicated than mine by the way )

And thanks for the recipe Suzy, you definitely do keep me going in the cooking stakes. It is lovely to try all the things that people are willing to post.

Hope you have a great day :D