27 July 2006

Simple pleasures

You know how I love gadgets!?

Well MIL came to visit today and gave me an electric egg poacher/boiler that she had bought recently and couldn't be bothered using. It boils four eggs or poaches three and when it is cooked it chirps!. I haven't had a plain boiled egg for years. DH usually has fried and I poach mine in the pan after cooking his. Anyway I just boiled an egg in my new little friend and it was delicious!
It reminded me of my Dear Mum boiling eggs for me years ago and making me little soldiers of toast to eat with it. Of course the eggs in those days were collected by my Dear Dad from his "girls" who had been fed well and produced yummy, almost orange yolked eggs.

Senility setting in? Or do I just need to get out more????

25 July 2006

Water, water everywhere

I know that I haven't been drinking enough water during Winter and that is about to change. I am sure it is one of the reasons why I am not feeling as fit as usual. So from today it is back to at least 8 glasses of water a day. When I was totally unfit I didn't drink any water. I am NOT going to let that happen again!

21 July 2006

Lucky Bamboo and dead fish

Here is my Lucky Bamboo plant. It is heart shaped and there are three stems for luck in love and relationships. A little bit of Feng Shui doesn't go astray sometimes.

I am not superstitious.
I just don't walk under ladders and if I see one black crow on the roadside I must search till I see another one (one for sorrow, two for joy)!

I decided to get a new plant as my mantlepiece was looking very bare because Edward (remember I bought him this time last year) and William (I had him for 2 1/2 years) have both died in the last couple of weeks. It has been way too cold for them this Winter and I have decided not to get any more Siamese Fighting Fish until the Summer. I do miss them though.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

18 July 2006

A week's food for the starving millions, one day's food for me!

We had a lovely night away for our Wedding Anniversay. I was going to be careful with my eating. That didn't happen!

OK here goes:

Started off well:
All Bran and sultanas
2 slices of toast and jam and two cups of tea (At home before we left)

Healthy wholemeal, curried egg and salad sandwich no butter
and then:
a meat pie and a skinny cap and a chocolate

3 Ferrero Rochers
3 glasses Champagne
3 slices blue vein cheese
3 portions camembert
6 rice crackers

6 oysters kilpatrick
2 glasses Chardonnay
Large portion of Trevalla on a very creamy, delicious bed of potato mash and vegies
1 extra large bowl with two scoops each of creamy passionfruit, chocolate and blueberry Gelato.

2 glasses Champagne

Then for breakfast the next day:

Creamy strawberry Yoghurt and toasted muesli
Scrambled egg, tomato, bacon and two slices of toast
3 cups of tea
1 large pancake and maple syrup
1 large yummy sugary pastry

Consequently 5 days later I am a kilo heavier! I won't change my ticker as I now plan to get rid of that kilo as fast as I can. Exercise - 1 hour every day. Back to 20 to 24 points per day until said kilo is gone!!!!!!!!!!!

12 July 2006


I absolutely love bananas. They are nutritious and delicious and I have been known to eat one every day. Not any more! I don't know about other States, but they are now an absolute luxury in Tasmania ($12.98 a kilo!!!). I bought two today, one large and one small, and they cost over $4!!!!!!!!! Cyclone Larry has a lot to answer for! How much are bananas in your State? Are the supermarkets really showing the true picture? Is the shortage that bad, or are they just cashing in??

07 July 2006

A gorgeous day

It is a beautiful day here today! The sun is actually shining. The weather tries to control my mood and quite often succeeds. Lately we have had some very dark, dull, cold days and I have felt very unmotivated but thank goodness today is brighter.
Unfortunately "Little" has a cold and she just asked me if she can have a "west" on the couch while watching Play School. Hopefully she will feel better later and we will go for a walk.

DH is having to re-think his diet. He has had knee problems and has been unable to run and he is worried that he will put on weight. He has been riding his exercise bike, but his body is used to running 40+ km every week and he is finding it hard to do enough exercise. He has run over 51,000 km since he started running, so I guess his knees are just worn out. I do hope it isn't a permanent problem and he has to stop running! He loves it so much and relies on the time to de-stress. I also don't think he could cope with giving up Tim Tams and cutting down on beer!

The Sydney and Melbourne bloggers are arranging get-togethers and once again I am jealous that I can't go to either. OK, so I was born in Tasmania and love Tasmania, but I do sometimes wish that it wasn't an island and it was as easy as jumping in the car and going for a long drive to visit friends in other States!