07 July 2006

A gorgeous day

It is a beautiful day here today! The sun is actually shining. The weather tries to control my mood and quite often succeeds. Lately we have had some very dark, dull, cold days and I have felt very unmotivated but thank goodness today is brighter.
Unfortunately "Little" has a cold and she just asked me if she can have a "west" on the couch while watching Play School. Hopefully she will feel better later and we will go for a walk.

DH is having to re-think his diet. He has had knee problems and has been unable to run and he is worried that he will put on weight. He has been riding his exercise bike, but his body is used to running 40+ km every week and he is finding it hard to do enough exercise. He has run over 51,000 km since he started running, so I guess his knees are just worn out. I do hope it isn't a permanent problem and he has to stop running! He loves it so much and relies on the time to de-stress. I also don't think he could cope with giving up Tim Tams and cutting down on beer!

The Sydney and Melbourne bloggers are arranging get-togethers and once again I am jealous that I can't go to either. OK, so I was born in Tasmania and love Tasmania, but I do sometimes wish that it wasn't an island and it was as easy as jumping in the car and going for a long drive to visit friends in other States!


M said...

What a beautiful view from your lovely deck again. Thank you Suzy. And I wish it was as easy to drive over there too. What I would do to be able to have some of your home made cooking - yummo. But of course we wouldn't be able to just stay in - you would have to show me the town :D

Hope you have a lovely weekend and maybe one day we will meet up. For now - this is good enough for me x

Leighanne said...

It looks like a lovely day over there - I too feel more motivated when the weather is better!

Next time we come over to Tassie I will let you know, I would love to come meet you:)

Sarah said...

I totally agree - the weather really can affect your mood!Just as well it was sunny here today too!
I have the same feeling about the blogger meets! NZ is too far to travel to the Melbourne and Sydney ones too!

Mary said...

Beautiful photo Suzy and I wish we lived closer too! One day... I hope your husband is doing well too now!?

Christy_Ann said...

Looks like a stunning day in your neck o' the woods. Enjoy your week and thanks for commenting on my blog. xxx

Felicity said...

kiwiland is also to far away for all the get2gethers so know how u feel. Love the veiw. Beaut day here today also and so nice from the grey foggy days we have had in past 4 weeks. Smiles on everyones face not glum and grumpy

Ails said...

What a beautiful photo! Your verandah looks like the perfect place to be today!

It is a shame about not being close to attend the meet up this Saturday - but I guess it is just as difficult for me to visit you as well. But one day I will, promise :)

Have a great week Suzy :)

Philippa said...

I loved living in Tassie on days like that. Nothing tops a sunny and clear winters day there.

My old manager had a similar problem to your DH - he was one of the fittest blokes I've ever met, and went for a run every lunch time. He had problems with his knees and had to stop running, but how he coped with it was he took up swimming instead! He also kept playng hockey, even though he had to cut back on that a bit. So maybe send DH down to the pool?!