18 July 2006

A week's food for the starving millions, one day's food for me!

We had a lovely night away for our Wedding Anniversay. I was going to be careful with my eating. That didn't happen!

OK here goes:

Started off well:
All Bran and sultanas
2 slices of toast and jam and two cups of tea (At home before we left)

Healthy wholemeal, curried egg and salad sandwich no butter
and then:
a meat pie and a skinny cap and a chocolate

3 Ferrero Rochers
3 glasses Champagne
3 slices blue vein cheese
3 portions camembert
6 rice crackers

6 oysters kilpatrick
2 glasses Chardonnay
Large portion of Trevalla on a very creamy, delicious bed of potato mash and vegies
1 extra large bowl with two scoops each of creamy passionfruit, chocolate and blueberry Gelato.

2 glasses Champagne

Then for breakfast the next day:

Creamy strawberry Yoghurt and toasted muesli
Scrambled egg, tomato, bacon and two slices of toast
3 cups of tea
1 large pancake and maple syrup
1 large yummy sugary pastry

Consequently 5 days later I am a kilo heavier! I won't change my ticker as I now plan to get rid of that kilo as fast as I can. Exercise - 1 hour every day. Back to 20 to 24 points per day until said kilo is gone!!!!!!!!!!!


kathrynoh said...

Happy anniversary! It does sound very yummy :)

Christy_Ann said...

Sounds good to me! Champagne: my one vice! It's nice to treat yourself once in a while isn't it? Big congrats on your wedding anniversary too.

Jodie said...

Hey it was a very special occassion and you are very disciplined. That kg will be off in no time. I'm sure you enjoyed every mouthful, I mean minute of your anniversary! LOL!! XX

Leighanne said...

Glad you had a great anniversary!!
That kilo will be gone in no time at all:)

Briony said...

I won't take long to get rid of that kilo. Glad you enjoyed yourself. After all, what is life if we can't take a weekend off now and again?
Happy Anniversary!

Zanna said...

Happy anniversary! At least you have an excuse! I've lost my motivation - not going silly but just 'buggaring about'

Ails said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad it celebrated in style! You'll bust that kilo's butt in no time :)

Anne said...

Happy anniversay!!

I had a chuckle at how you listed all you ate over the celebrations - so at least you were aware:) I'm sure you will soon get rid of that kilo!

Mary said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and I am so glad you enjoyed it. A kilo gain for you? *Pfft* you know what to do :-)

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversay and I'm glad you celebrated in style.

Noticed a shop in town selling slices of banana loaf at the same price as their other varieties.

Was amazed that it wasn't dearer.


LeisaB NewMe said...

Hi Suzy - sounds like you had a wonderful and delicious anniversary - my Ww leader says all the time that "the things we do SOME of the time won't impact so much on us" - you can afford a treat some of the time as long as it isn't all of the time which I have been doing lately 8-)...enjoy the rest of yourweek.lb

cdb said...

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary Suzy! What a yummy array of foods and I'm sure the extra kilo will be gone in no time at all!

Julie's journey said...

Happy anniversary and after perusing your eats, think you did well. Congratulations.