28 August 2006

10,000 steps

OK, my pedometer is on for 10,000 exercise steps a day until the Burnie 10. We are also doing a Fun/Run/walk at Brighton two weeks before Burnie. I haven't been well for the last few days. I am fighting off a cold. Hopefully it won't get me.

I have been knitting with cotton. Thanks to
  • Cindy
  • for the inspiration I've been knitting face/washcloths. Very addictive knitting I must say. Nice and easy and small enough to finish quickly and feel satisfied that something has been achieved.
    Here is a pic of one of them.

    P.S. Good luck to
  • Jodie
  • Hope all goes well for her and can't wait to hear the exciting news.

    21 August 2006

    Meat mincer

    I bought a meat micer on Saturday. Just a cheap old-fashioned turn the handle mincer. It was only $20 at Harris Scarfe (half price). I am sick of buying heart start mince that looks like it has more and more fat in it each time I buy it. I want mince with no fat! I have tried mincing chicken breasts, pork fillet and beef so far and it works really well. I made some delicious chicken burgers last night. I feel that I am stepping back in time when I use it, but I can achieve the result that I want, so I don't mind.
    We also bought a new barbeque with a hood and side burner, so I am ready for some gourmet meals on the deck as soon as the weather warms up. I am looking forward to trying a roast. Haven't roasted in a barbeque before. Any tips for me?

    15 August 2006

    Kilo is gone

    Well, I survived my Kick Start week! I must admit that each morning I had a smoothie with diet passionfruit yoghurt, skim milk and frozen berries. I just could not face vegies for breakfast! Also on the night when I could eat steak, DH and I went out to a Steak Grill and I also ate a small potato and a brandy snap with cream and had two glasses of Blues Point Chardonnay.

    Yesterday was my brown rice and vegie day and I made a yummy brown rice salad:

    1 1/2 cups brown rice cooked and cooled
    5 sugar snap peas diced
    red capsicum diced
    celery diced
    1 carrot grated
    small amount of currants
    Free French Dressing with herbs
    Dash of onion flakes
    Dash of curry powder
    Salt and pepper

    The kilo is gone! Yay!!!!! No more diets. Back to normal eating, smaller portions and being careful of sugar and salt intake.

    I am having fun with Itunes at the moment. I don't have an IPOD, I have a Sanyo MP3 player and I'm having great fun buying some of the tunes that I didn't already have on CD. It is so good to be able to buy just one song from an album, or just my favourites. I bought some of DH's favourite tunes that he only had on cassette and burnt a CD for him yesterday and he is a very happy little boy now.

    Can you relate to this? I can at times!

    08 August 2006

    How feelings change!

    This was my very first post in May 2005
  • My story

  • I was so pleased with myself for being 63.5kg. Now I feel fat and unhealthy again. I am still 63.5kg most days, sometimes 64, but I feel that I need to lose a bit of fat around my middle. I can't even begin to remember now how terrible I must have felt at 80kgs! Our bodies and minds are so strange!

    Anyway.....last night (Monday) on "Today Tonight" they had a re-cap of the "Kick Start Diet". Although I didn't know it at the time, that is the 7 day diet which started my weight loss in 2004. I actually found it on another site
  • here
  • one day when I was feeling fat and unwell and I stuck to it religiously for 7 days and lost 4 kilos and didn't ever put them back on! I remember how delicious each new food tasted after I had finished the week of the diet. After that week I decided that I wasn't on a "diet" any more, I was on a permanent lifestyle change. This really worked for me and has helped me maintain that weight for 15 months now.

    When I first started counting points I was really careful with the food that I ate and I made sure that I made the best of my points total for the day, mainly eating healthy foods. Now I am not counting points as such, I just make sure my food is low in saturated fat and not too high in kilojoules. But too much sugar and more salty foods are creeping in and I think this is adding to my feeling of not being as healthy as I was.

    So.......today I am starting the 7 day Kick Start "diet" again. I just want to clear my body of the not so good foods and start again. I want to then concentrate on eating properly again and getting my energy back.

    I know I am still at my goal weight, but I have lost that feeling of health and vitality and I am going to get it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. It is now Friday. Day 4. Today is bananas and milk day. I have stuck to the last three days well and feel fine. Scales are dropping slightly and I am not feeling as fat around the middle as I was. The only exercise I have done is walking and today I jogged on my mini tramp. I don't think I could exercise too much with the such a lack of carbohydrates in my diet. When I was up to day 4 last time (in 2004) I had lost 2kilos. This time it is much slower as I don't have a lot of fat to lose. I am not really missing bread, but I know that the first slice of toast that I have next Tuesday morning will be heavenly!

    Another P.S. I am in no way recommending this "diet" to anyone. I know it worked for me, and it was my own personal choice to try it, but everyone is different and I am sure some health complications may prevent this from being a wise choice for some people. As "they" say, always check with your Doctor first.

    01 August 2006

    Winter cover up

    The sun is out today and it made me have thoughts of Spring and Summer and 3/4 pants and shorts. No, it is not warm enough to wear them, but it is nice enough to wonder if they still fit.

    So I decided to check out my wardrobe and try them on. Yes, they all fit BUT they are much tighter than last Summer and I have decided that a couple of rolls have crept on during the big Winter cover up. It is easy to feel comfortable under thick jumpers and a coat. I am not waiting until the hot weather to do something about it. The kilo that I put on has still not all gone. I have been exercising, but obviously not enough. It is time to get really serious.

    We have received our paperwork for the
  • Skilled Burnie 10

  • DH is still not able to run (his knee), but he said he will walk it with me. At first I said that I couldn't be bothered and then after reading all the information I remembered how much I enjoyed it last year and what a thrill it was to receive a medal at the end. I am now very keen again and so we will be doing lots of long walks (rain, hail or shine) over the next 10 weeks in preparation.