08 August 2006

How feelings change!

This was my very first post in May 2005
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  • I was so pleased with myself for being 63.5kg. Now I feel fat and unhealthy again. I am still 63.5kg most days, sometimes 64, but I feel that I need to lose a bit of fat around my middle. I can't even begin to remember now how terrible I must have felt at 80kgs! Our bodies and minds are so strange!

    Anyway.....last night (Monday) on "Today Tonight" they had a re-cap of the "Kick Start Diet". Although I didn't know it at the time, that is the 7 day diet which started my weight loss in 2004. I actually found it on another site
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  • one day when I was feeling fat and unwell and I stuck to it religiously for 7 days and lost 4 kilos and didn't ever put them back on! I remember how delicious each new food tasted after I had finished the week of the diet. After that week I decided that I wasn't on a "diet" any more, I was on a permanent lifestyle change. This really worked for me and has helped me maintain that weight for 15 months now.

    When I first started counting points I was really careful with the food that I ate and I made sure that I made the best of my points total for the day, mainly eating healthy foods. Now I am not counting points as such, I just make sure my food is low in saturated fat and not too high in kilojoules. But too much sugar and more salty foods are creeping in and I think this is adding to my feeling of not being as healthy as I was.

    So.......today I am starting the 7 day Kick Start "diet" again. I just want to clear my body of the not so good foods and start again. I want to then concentrate on eating properly again and getting my energy back.

    I know I am still at my goal weight, but I have lost that feeling of health and vitality and I am going to get it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. It is now Friday. Day 4. Today is bananas and milk day. I have stuck to the last three days well and feel fine. Scales are dropping slightly and I am not feeling as fat around the middle as I was. The only exercise I have done is walking and today I jogged on my mini tramp. I don't think I could exercise too much with the such a lack of carbohydrates in my diet. When I was up to day 4 last time (in 2004) I had lost 2kilos. This time it is much slower as I don't have a lot of fat to lose. I am not really missing bread, but I know that the first slice of toast that I have next Tuesday morning will be heavenly!

    Another P.S. I am in no way recommending this "diet" to anyone. I know it worked for me, and it was my own personal choice to try it, but everyone is different and I am sure some health complications may prevent this from being a wise choice for some people. As "they" say, always check with your Doctor first.


    Leighanne said...

    I have tried the diet a few times - even though I did lose weight, after a few days I could not stand the smell or the thought of the soup....lol

    Hope things are going well:)

    2paw said...

    You have such determination and you are so positive!! Well done!!!

    jen said...

    Good on you Suzy, what a great effort full of determination, but if it works and gives you that "kickstart" it will have been worth it.


    Jadey 0:-) said...

    Good luck with it all Suzy!

    Cathy said...

    Good luck in getting back your "feeling" of health and vitality.

    Roll on the first slice of toast.


    Christy_Ann said...

    Hi Suzy! Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. It's good to read what you have accomplished in the past. Big congratulations for lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. The diet you mentioned sounds good too. I am a big advocate of the "vege soup" thing.

    You are looking FABulous.

    Mary said...

    You are so right about our minds! Sometimes I wish we could just switch them off. I definitley have my fat days and then my skinny days. I think it's great that you found something that works for you and you are very level headed about it. You are a legend with maintenance!!

    michelle said...

    What a coincidence. A friend emailed me yesterday that she is on it and I said I may do it next week. You have prompted me to try it. May have to modify it slightly but still should do some good.