15 August 2006

Kilo is gone

Well, I survived my Kick Start week! I must admit that each morning I had a smoothie with diet passionfruit yoghurt, skim milk and frozen berries. I just could not face vegies for breakfast! Also on the night when I could eat steak, DH and I went out to a Steak Grill and I also ate a small potato and a brandy snap with cream and had two glasses of Blues Point Chardonnay.

Yesterday was my brown rice and vegie day and I made a yummy brown rice salad:

1 1/2 cups brown rice cooked and cooled
5 sugar snap peas diced
red capsicum diced
celery diced
1 carrot grated
small amount of currants
Free French Dressing with herbs
Dash of onion flakes
Dash of curry powder
Salt and pepper

The kilo is gone! Yay!!!!! No more diets. Back to normal eating, smaller portions and being careful of sugar and salt intake.

I am having fun with Itunes at the moment. I don't have an IPOD, I have a Sanyo MP3 player and I'm having great fun buying some of the tunes that I didn't already have on CD. It is so good to be able to buy just one song from an album, or just my favourites. I bought some of DH's favourite tunes that he only had on cassette and burnt a CD for him yesterday and he is a very happy little boy now.

Can you relate to this? I can at times!


Julie's journey said...

Congratulations on getting rid of that kilo. I think, sometimes that it is the hardest kilo to move. Well done.

Kate said...

Lol yes I can relate to that at times!

And well done on getting rid of that kg :-)

Cathy said...

Congrats on kicking the kilo.

DH has been playing with I tunes as well.

I only got my mp3 player yesterday as I had built up enough points on a survey site that I have been registered with for a few years.

This is my 2nd reward in the last year.


Ails said...

Well done making that kilo history! You are a perfect example of someone putting all their efforts into achieving a goal and seeing the rewards!

I love iTunes as well!

Hope you are having a great week :)

littlegrover said...

Oooh, that smoothie has given me some inspiration for my mornings - yum, I wouldn't have thought of that combination - I'm generally old school strawberries!

Sue said...

Wheeeeee - kilo gone!

Philippa said...

Well done on losing that pesky kilo!

Nic said...

good on you for getting rid of thet kilo!! well done
i love your brown rice salad...i just might have to use it...yummy!

chickychriss said...

Hey Suzy, That smoothie sounds divine..will try that one. itunes is great, isn't it - I'm getting a great collection of songs which I love to listen to when i go walking.. chris

Chris Powell said...

hey suzy, thanks for stopping by the blog. Havent been by yours in a while sorry. Looks like things are well.

In answer to your question Im just in australia for one yearand then im off to the uk to live.

It looks like you have been staying healthy and well whivh is great.

linda said...

good riddance to that kilo. well done.

Leighanne said...

That rice salad looks yummy!!

I have not worked out how to do the itunes yet:)

Briony said...

I have iTunes too, I think i'm up to about 760 songs now.
Well done on getting rid of the kilo. I'm thinking about doing the kickstart this week but i'm not looking forward to it!!
Have a great week.

Jodie said...

That rice salad looks amazing. Will definately be trying that for a lovely and filling lunch while I'm off work. XX

shinyruby said...

the brown rice salad looks AMAZING! yum yum! thanks for sharing your recipe : )

Mary said...

Bwahahah...you're too funny! I like that PMS/ESP saying LOL :-)