01 August 2006

Winter cover up

The sun is out today and it made me have thoughts of Spring and Summer and 3/4 pants and shorts. No, it is not warm enough to wear them, but it is nice enough to wonder if they still fit.

So I decided to check out my wardrobe and try them on. Yes, they all fit BUT they are much tighter than last Summer and I have decided that a couple of rolls have crept on during the big Winter cover up. It is easy to feel comfortable under thick jumpers and a coat. I am not waiting until the hot weather to do something about it. The kilo that I put on has still not all gone. I have been exercising, but obviously not enough. It is time to get really serious.

We have received our paperwork for the
  • Skilled Burnie 10

  • DH is still not able to run (his knee), but he said he will walk it with me. At first I said that I couldn't be bothered and then after reading all the information I remembered how much I enjoyed it last year and what a thrill it was to receive a medal at the end. I am now very keen again and so we will be doing lots of long walks (rain, hail or shine) over the next 10 weeks in preparation.


    Philippa said...

    It is easy to get complacent in the winter. A roaring fire and a glass of wine is far more enticing than the bike track!!

    Good luck for the Burnie 10. I remember when I lived in Tassie when the "celebrity training updates" for that started appearing on Southern Cross around August, I knew then that the year was going to be over very very soon!

    Take care, and love the new profile photo by the way :)

    iportion said...

    It's easy to over eat in winter even yough you burn more calories.
    Just do your best :-)

    iportion said...

    PS I think your blog name is cute

    kathrynoh said...

    It's nice to think Spring is just around the corner, isn't it.

    I'm thinking of going down to Tassie for the Burnie 10 - my mum lives nearby - so we might get to meet up to say hi :)

    Your poor DH - from what you've posted before, he loves his running. Still it will be great for you to have him walk with you.

    Thoughtful said...

    Gday Suzy good luck with the Burnie 10.

    Also wanted to comment on your new profile pic, its fab!

    Good luck with shifting those little rolls of winter fun ;)

    Leanne said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm looking forward to catching up on yours on a regular basis.

    Good luck with your preparation for the Burnie 10. It's great that you have a goal to work towards.

    Mary said...

    I love the new profile pic Suzy! I can't wait for Spring either and I think it's easy to get a little lazy when you're at goal, especially in winter. Great to hear you're entering the Burnie 10!!

    Briony said...

    I can't wait for Spring either, it's so hard to under exercise and over eat in Winter. Your new profile pic is gorgeous!

    Anne said...

    Thanks for the message on my blog!

    The Burnie 10 is what everyone at uni is training for at the moment!! Perhaps I will enter as well!

    Em said...

    hi Suzie
    Thanx for your lovely comment and yes look ahead not back...will remember that often no doubt:). Your new pic looks great...good luck with the training....hope your weekend was fab

    chickychriss said...

    Hi Suzy, You are a real inspiration - thanks for the words of encouragement! I love reading blogs so I will be back to visit often.. All the best, Chris

    foodkitty said...

    Good luck with training for the Burnie 10. We were meant to do it for the first time last year, but 'stuff' happened. This year we're bushwalking in prep -good luck with yours.

    Anne said...

    I know weight loss doesn't seem such an issue over Winter - especially when you are covered and no-one can see what's underneath!!

    M said...

    In 10 weeks you will get that kg off and more besides. Burnie 10 here you come!!

    I love the new profile picture too. I have been meaning to say that for a while. You look younger with each photo you put in :D

    Ails said...

    10 weeks training hopefully equally one little pesky kilo gone! I know you can do this :)