29 September 2006

I am happy again.

Yesterday I couldn't walk very well, but today I am much better. My cold has developed into a cough. The old me would have moped for another day, but instead the new me wanted to jog on my tramp. I jogged for 30 minutes and my knee was fine. I can't kneel on it, but I can walk. I will be able to compete in the 5km run/walk on Sunday, so I'm very happy. It is a nominated time event. You nominate the time you will take to complete the run/walk and then complete it without wearing a watch. I will nominate 43 minutes. (8.5 minutes a km plus 1/2 a minute for luck.)

We received our number and transponders for the Burnie 10 yesterday. That is only two weeks away. I haven't really walked enough in training, but it will be fun.

I seem to be over my chocolate fad. There is still some DH birthday chocolate in the cupboard and it isn't beckoning me any more (thank goodness).

Have a lovely, restful, happy weekend everyone. Hope your footy team wins the final.


2paw said...

Glad you will be able to run!! I think it is a weirdly funny injury!! You can run but not kneel down. Good luck!!

chickychriss said...

Glad you're feeling better Suzy! Good luck in the fun run/walk on the weekend - I hope your knee holds up for it..

Leighanne said...

Good luck for your run tommorrow:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, good luck with the run tomorrow and I hope you enjoy it :-) YAY for feeling better!

Anonymous said...

PS. whoops, maybe not better but happier :-)