27 September 2006

Warning - I am NOT happy!!!

I am officially OVER this weather! It is one o'clock in the afternoon. It is DARK. I have the light on. It is COLD and RAINY and WINDY. It is nearly the end of September and it is supposed to be Spring. We are supposed to have a light shower every now and then followed by brilliant sunshine for the daffodils and lambs to dance in!

Earlier today I went to the bakery and walking back I slipped over and landed heavily on my knee and both hands on slippery, stoney ground which was covered with pieces of a broken glass bottle that some idiot had thrown down. I think I have a small piece of glass in the palm of one hand, the other palm is bruised and hurting and my knee is cut, swollen and bruised. AND I have a cold. I am supposed to be walking in a 5km walk on Sunday, so hopefully I will be recovered by then.

The only shining light is that I have my dear little happy three year old grand-daughter here and she is singing and colouring in a picture of Bill and Ben.
When she goes home later today I will soak in a bubble bath and try to mend my wounds.

I will come back here when I am in a happier mood!

(P.S. My weather pixie is telling me it is 16 degrees. I think she must be sitting by a heater!)


Sue said...

Ow, ow, ow, don't you HATE falling down! Hope your soak will make you feel better.

Ails said...

Oh no!!! Ouchy :(

That weather pixie's saying it's 11C now - brrrrr

*fingers crossed* you'll be ok by Sunday!

kathrynoh said...

Oh no - a soak in the bath sounds like the perfect solution, maybe with a nice glass of something :)

2paw said...

I think when you are a grown up it is just further to fall to the ground: more injuries as well as pride. Hope the bubble bath helps!! I shall be thinking of you on your run!!!
Yes, I think we are having an Indian Winter!!

Leighanne said...

I hope you had a good soak and are feeling so much better!!

It was really hot here today - hope our weather is coming your way:)

Hear me ROAR said...

You poor girl... Ice it!! It will help!!

Here it is the same weather.. I am kind of liking it. I did my first run outside yesterday and the cooler temps helped.. that and we only had 2 rainfalls all summer.. now it is wet wet wet.. our foundation needs it.

Eva said...

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Anne said...

Ouch!! Hope you heal quickly so you can do your walk!!

We are having horrible weather as well:(

michelle said...

Hope the soak helped ease the pain. Not at all fair. And I so agree with you about the weather. I find I need the sun to help me feel motivated about many things. At least now it is light when I go to exercise in the early morning but still very cold. Hope Sunday is fine for you.

Philippa said...

Ouch!!! I hope you're feeling better today!

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Slim Suzy :)

Greetings from California, in the US of A!

Sorry you have an ouchie. Tell your husband to kiss it and make it better for you. ;)

I just now looked at your blog clock and it said 2:02. I wanted you to know that 202 is my lucky number. Here it is 8:02 pm (probably more by now, although). Hope you are feeling so much better by the time you read this post, my dear.

Those pancakes looked scrumcious! Very smart recipe idea.

Julie's journey said...

Falling over is just the pits isnt it. You poor thing - not like you to let the weather get you down. Hope lambs start gambolliing and daffodils start blooming for you soon. Hope the bath is/was good - sounds like a good plan to me. Take care

Em said...

Hope you feel better now and all things are right for Sunday...........been nice to catch up on your blog t/c

Anonymous said...

It's official, last week was crap but the next one is going to be super! I hope you are feeling better.