10 October 2006


Today I walked 6km to DH's work (the long way) and then came home with him at lunch time. My cold is still lingering but I managed to walk fairly quickly, so I think I will be OK for Burnie on Sunday. DH is off work on Thursday and we are going to walk to town and back (12km), with lunch half way of course. The days that I don't walk I have been jogging on my tramp 20 minutes and doing 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer, so I don't feel too bad. I made a pastie each before I left. It was just left over vegies from last night's tea plus some onion flakes, herbs and spices and low fat puff pastry. Extremely yummy!
I also indulged myself by buying a packet of skim cappuccino at the supermarket and some glass cups. I have been looking at the cappuccino for ages and didn't know whether I would like it, but luckily I do. A tiny bit sweet for my liking (I don't take sugar and I usually drink tea), but very yummy just the same. Only 1/2 a point (actually .7) per drink. I would normally be starving at this time of day, but it seems to have stopped my hunger.

Hope you are all having a great week.


Em said...

Have a great time on Sunday at the Burnie Suzie.....know you will give it your best shot...pastie looks yum but cannot for the life of me come at any sort of coffee so will pass on that..enjoy your walk on Thursday with hubbie

2paw said...

Have a great Burnie 10!! Run like the (quite fast) wind!! Nice pastie, it makes me think of home. Dad loved them!!

White Rose Boy said...

The Pastie looks delicious, I could just eat one right now.

Philippa said...

About seven years ago, Nescafe used to do a Latte powder that I just loved. They don't do it anymore, but I think what you bought would be very similar.

And I love your bags by the way! You are so clever!

I thought this week was the Burnie 10! Good luck with it!


PS: Who are the celebrities they've had training for the 10 this year? I miss all this being in Melbourne! heh heh

Julie's journey said...

Glad you are feeling better. Okay now for the serious business - I love pasties and if you have made a low fat version I want to know how. Every step (because Im not much of a cook but I can follow instructions). Have a great time on Sunday.

caketastic said...

I just noticed your at goal. Well done. a/ if you've just reached it or b/ for keeping yourself there

Leighanne said...

Those pasties look yum!!
I love the nescafe frappe ( the cold coffee)
Good luck for Sunday:)

Anonymous said...

Yum! That pastie looks delish and I don't mind those Nescafe sachets. I didn't realise they had a SKIM one! Glad to hear you'll be okay for the Burnie on Sunday :-)

jen said...

Off to look for that skim Cappocinno...I love them and those pasties...I can taste it now!!!
Good luck at the Burnie Suzy, enjoy!!!


FAT BITCH said...

Hi Suzy :)

First and foremost, a great big congratulations for getting to your goal weight, my dear wonderful cook!!!!!! That pastry DOES look delicious and thanks a lot for causing me to salivate all over my keyboard. LOLOLOL ;)I've never made one of these and now you're making me want to. I think I'll be a regular at your recipe blog! :D

Thank you so much for supporting my efforts.

Hear me ROAR said...

Good Luck on Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

That pastie looks SO good!