30 October 2006

Orange Loaf Cake and a new remote

I love Sweet Peas, they remind me of my Dear Dad. I have been trying to grow them here for the last 4 years and finally I have some flowers. Only a tiny bunch, but they smell divine!

I decided to make my Lemon Loaf Cake into an Orange Loaf Cake today and it is delish! Just substitute lemon rind for the rind of an orange (be careful not to grate the white of the orange, as it is very bitter) add less sugar and some freshly queezed juice from the orange instead of lemon juice. I have posted full recipe in my Recipe Blog

  • Here

  • I "powerwalked"(I have decided I deserve to call it that, rather than walked) the Longford Fun Run yesterday (Sunday)(6km). There were 280 people in the Fun Run/Walk. We had a great day. The weather was beautiful and DH won a Clipsal Universal Remote Control (valued at $160+) in a random draw of competitor's entry forms. Today I have spent the morning programming our TV, Stereo, Austar and Video so now we only need one remote. Not something I would have spent money on, but a nice luxury to win, just the same.
    Have a lovely week won't you?!


    2paw said...

    You are so fit!! What a good win. Is your medal here yet???

    Anonymous said...

    I already thought you were a power walker! It's great that you are doing these kind of walks so often, it's inspiring and mmm, those cakes sound so delish.

    YAY for getting a universal remote and even better that you won it! We couldn't live without ours otherwise we'd have to have 5, crazy.

    I hope you have a great week too Suzy :-)

    Anne said...

    Great effort with the walk Suzy! Even better for your husband to win the remote:)

    White Rose Boy said...

    The flowers look really nice and I reckon the cake would be really tasty.

    I hope your having a great week yourself.

    Ails said...

    Well done with the walk! Those remotes are a great idea, especially since I have so many individual ones spread all over the lounge room, but like you I don't think I could bother with programming it. But then, I guess you only have to do it once!

    ArleneWKW said...

    Congratulations on reaching your weight goal and maintaining it since May. I'm a Lifetime Weight Watcher member. Unfortunately, I didn't maintain my goal and I'm not, once again, getting rid of the regain. Your flowers look beautiful. I am sincerely impressed with your technical skill to be able to do all that programming on your remote.

    Melinda said...

    I always knew you were a clever lady but now I really know it....programming TV and stuff, you really have my admiration!!!

    Yum, that cake just yells out 'eat me' so I guess I will have to go and make one first....that's for sharing that.

    Melinda said...

    I meant thanks for sharing :-)