01 October 2006

Things didn't go as planned.

My knee was OK, but my cold turned nasty. I woke up yesterday and felt like crap. Today I felt just as bad, so consequently we didn't go to our run/walk. So much for the new fit healthier me! Sometimes it just gets you whether you want it to or not!

Anyway I am determined to do a lot of walking in the next two weeks and will make sure 10,000+ steps are achieved each day until Friday 13th of October. Rest on Saturday 14th and then Burnie 10 on 15th.

Eating has been OK because my appetite has been off as well.

Daylight saving has started here today and Spring cleaning should be started this week, so that will keep me busy. Tonight is the first time we haven't had the heater on for ages. Hopefully that is a sign of things to come!

I have finished knitting a bag from jute (string). Don't ask me why. I don't know. I just had an urge to make something nice from string. After I started I realised I would have to knit it out on the deck, both because of the strong smell of string and the fact that small bits kept flying off as I knitted. Anyway, when it has been nice enough (not very often) I have been sitting outside knitting and I have finally finished. I have bought some dye and will dye it a nice plum colour (hopefully) and use it when I walk to get vegies etc.

No more news today.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you're still feeling bad. Just make sure you take it easy and don't beat yourself up!

Love the bag and the idea of dying it a plum colour. You are so talented :-)

2paw said...

I hope you are well and truly better by the next run. I love your string bag too!! I have been contemplating knittng a raffia bag. I must not till I have finished other things, but very inspiring. You could dye it with beetroot!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're really clever with your knitting! I would never have thought of making a bag, well done! :-)

Doug Bagley said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. I hate being ill but then who enjoys it, lol.
Great work on the bag.

Leighanne said...

I love the bag - it's going to look great in Plum!!

littlegrover said...

Wow Suzy, you are so creative - I'm jealous. Love the idea of using it to get vegies!

Hope you are feeling better soon!