06 November 2006

Damage Control Week

I need to be in damage control for the rest of the week. I ate far too much during the long weekend and we won't even mention the amount of Omni I consumed!

Anyway, I am counting points this week and making sure they are vitamin-packed points.
Hopefully not too much damage has been done, but it doesn't feel that way at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Bwahaha...good luck to the both of us! :-)

Anne said...

Your little picture says it all! Have a good week, you will soon be back to where you were:)

ArleneWKW said...

Maybe I'm lucky 'cause I don't know what Omni is. (If I knew, it might become one of my binge foods.)

I'm sending you positive vibes for "Damage Control Week."

jen said...

mmmmm ... another excersise to try...haven't tried that hoop for years....Good luck this week..


White Rose Boy said...

We all need to have the occasional break from the dieting regime.
I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Julie's journey said...

Im sure you had a great time so it was worth it. Everybody is allowed to relax every now and then (or at least that's what I tell myself). Have a great week.

Thoughtful said...

Dunno what Omni is, but I'm in the same boat. Damage control!

Good luck! Nice win with the remote, we just bought one cos we have FIVE remotes for our Lounge Gadgets!!!

Waiting for it to arrive in the mail!

Good luck!

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Suzy :)

Arm in arm we hold one another up but we must not forget that we need to draw upon our very own personal inner strengths as well. ;)

Let's keep our switches turned on, Sue my dear!!!!!!!!!!!

Jadey 0:-) said...

Whats Omni?