24 January 2007

Love being back at work!

Yes, I had a great two days at work. It was nice to catch up with the girls. After I said my "hello"'s I went to the office where I will be typing. I have a whole house to myself. I have complete silence. I like silence while I work. Anyway, I have a Dictaphone stuck in my ears, so I need to concentrate on the Surgeon talking to me (or should I say mumbling). He is a GREAT Surgeon but dictating his letters clearly is not a priority. Saving lives and mending people is his priority - fair enough!

Going back to work was an excuse for a spending spree on work clothes - 1 skirt, 1 trousers, 4 shirts and shoes and then today I bought a little cardie, as I was a bit cold yesterday. The air conditioner is blowing on my back. You know how I love shopping though!

I went to get my eyes tested today. I have glasses for reading. I knew I needed much stronger ones, so now I will be OK. I am so annoyed with my Health Cover though. We seem to pay a fortune each month and I still have to pay $244 for my new glasses and I chose the cheapest frames I could get. I am having graduated lenses though, so I don't have to keep taking my glasses on and off.
The Optometrist said "I see you have just had your big Birthday". I said yes I am now 50. He said, OMG I thought you were 40! OK, so maybe he needs to have an appointment with one of his colleagues for new glasses but I told him he was a friend for life!

Tagged (twice)

Zanna (http://zanyzanna.blogspot.com/) and amandaj (http://1heartkn1tt1ng.wordpress.com/)have tagged me. I won't tag anyone else because most of you have already been tagged but here goes :

For Zanna -
Things you may not have known about me.....
A) Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Pharmacy shop assistant
2. Medical Secretary
3. Office Manager
4. Ice Cream Factory worker

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
1. The Castle
2. On Golden Pond
3. Romeo & Juliet
4. The Thorn Birds

C) Four places I have lived
1. Cressy, Tasmania
2. Perth, Tasmania
3. Brisbane
4. Newcastle

D) Four favourite T.V. shows
1. William & Mary
2. The Glass House
3. Mother & Son
4. Trading Spouses

E) Four of my favourite foods:
1. All Vegies
2. Prawns
3. Cheese
4. Berries

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Home
2. The Beach
3. Shopping
4. ......

I have also been tagged by amandaj (http://1heartkn1tt1ng.wordpress.com/) (sorry it took so long for me to respond)

6 weird things about me:

1. I am frightened of anything dressed up. Even an Easter Bunny.

2. I always have to hang towels on the clothes line with the seams not facing me.

3. I can never make just one of something. I always have the urge to make another one, or two.

4. I am a very clean and tidy person in my house, but I can't keep cupboards or drawers tidy for more than 24 hours. As long as the door or drawer shuts, I'm happy.

5. I am afraid of being a passenger in a car. I only feel safe when I am driving.

6. I am SO afraid of nearly all dogs.

21 January 2007

Look at these!!!

I found these gorgeous old magazines at a market. They are "Australian Home Journal" and are dated from 1959 to 1962.
They have some lovely old recipes (and some not so nice ones, like Lamb Brain Pie) and knitting, crochet, sewing and craft patterns in them. They also have some interesting and funny (well they seem funny now) articles in them. For example - I am sure these "Heart to Heart" letters were answered by a man!!!

In case you can't read it, it is about a girl who thinks her boyfriend is not showing as much affection as he once did - here is the last paragraph of the answer -
" Be responsive and show some human warmth when your boy wants to display his affection, otherwise you'll get the fate you deserve and be left lamenting."

The advertisements amused me too. It seems that nothing has really changed in 50 years. We still want to lose weight and have a good figure. There were lots of ads for diet pills and potions. Thank goodness we don't have to wear a corset though!

17 January 2007

The finished products

Here are the results of the recycled jeans, plus some new floral material, plus some new dark blue cloudy material. I must stop sewing with denim now. What next?

Fridge magnet notebook & pen holder

wall hanging

Quilt with hearts and 2 cats designed by ME

Quilt, bolster cushion (designed by ME) and wall hanging which holds my scissors etc. for sewing

Handbag designed by ME.

I start work next Tuesday. I decided I will work 9 - 4.30 with 1/2 hour for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If anything crops up I can change my days or hours to suit myself. I only want to have 1/2 an hour for lunch as I don't want to walk into town and be tempted by shopping and dim sims and chips! I will take my own healthy lunch. I will also make sure I jog on my tramp before work, as I will be spending those days sitting and typing all day. How exciting!

15 January 2007

OMG, I'm going back to work!!!!

The Manager of the Surgery where I once worked phoned me today and asked if I would come back to work on a permanent part-time basis (medical typing only) for two days a week - my choice of days - my choice of hours! How could I refuse?????

OMG, I am in shock! I said "yes"!!!!!!!!!!!!

The extra money will mean that we can save to go to Queensland to see my DS.

DD and her DH and children are at the beach for a few days, DS is not living here anymore. I am childless! Not a good feeling!

I will work around minding littlest. She starts kindergarten this year two days a week. Her other Grandma shares her day care with me. We can work it out between us.

Am I trying to convince YOU or MYSELF?????

11 January 2007

Denim & Lace

I decided I would like to make a quilt from recycled denim jeans. I went to the op shop and bought 4 pairs of jeans and a denim shirt and a blue & white check shirt with nice embroidered flowers on it (very ugly shirt,but I knew I could cut off the flowers) all for $12. They had all been freshly laundered and luckily for me it was a $2 day, so I didn't have to pay $5 or $6 each for them.
I cut up three pairs of jeans and the shirts. The other pair just happen to be JAG, and when I tried them on at home they fit me, so I will keep them!

By the time I had cut up the jeans, and cut off the pockets and zips for future projects I decided that I am not patient enough at the moment to make a quilt. I have started with a cushion cover and will see what else transpires.

Here it is:

more to come another day.......

08 January 2007

More sewing and some beads

I made this for DD, who is a teacher, so she will be able to use this at school. I hope she likes it!

She also asked me to make this - it is a bracelet row counter for counting knitting rows. She saw one for $34 and, as she knows I have quite a stash of beads, she thought I may like to make one. Of course I did.

DH is back at work today, so holiday mode is off. Less food and wine will be consumed (hopefully)!
Good luck to DS today. He starts his new job. He is really looking forward to it. His partner also has two interviews today, so best of luck to her too.

In between the food and wine during the holiday DH and I have been quite busy. He has painted all the painted bits around the outside of the house and we have re-oiled the deck and I painted this feature wall to cover up where the old porch came off, so we have had some exercise!

04 January 2007

New sewing machine

I have had my old Singer sewing machine for 33 years! It has never really let me down. I have been thinking of buying a new one for ages, but haven't had the courage. Well, DH bought me a lovely new Singer Model 7464 for Christmas. It is WONDERFUL!!!! It does one step buttonholes. You can just pop in the button and it works out the right size button hole and makes it. It also makes lots of beautiful stitches.
Here is my first attempt.

I can't believe I have been struggling along for so many years with my old machine. I was so happy with the easy buttonhole, I nearly cried. I emailed this photo to DH at work. He thinks I am a bit of a nutcase to get so excited over small things, but he is happy I love my new machine.
I have made new Jamas for me (black with white spots)

I made a demin bag for my grand-daughter "E" from a recycled denim skirt of mine.

I made a top and bag for me from a recycled dress of mine. Now, what else can I cut up?

03 January 2007

A bit sad

Hello everyone!

Judging from my blog reading the last few days it sounds like you have all survived the "silly season" fairly well. I know we all ate and drank a bit too much, but that was to be expected.

We had a lovely Christmas with family. I went to see my three littles and DD and DS-in-law early on Christmas morning. Nothing like the happiness on childrens' faces when they open their presents is there?! I only stayed a short while and we went back there later for a lovely tea and drinks.

My Dear Son and his partner stayed here on Christmas Eve and for breakfast on Christmas Day. We were all a bit sad though as they were preparing to move States! They have moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland! They have been wanting to try a "seachange" for a while and the opportunity came up, so they grabbed it. I hope they are happy. He told me not to be sad, just think of it as a new holiday destination. It is SO far away though! I know he is 29, but he is still my little boy! I made him "Auntie's Chocolate Cake" with little cars around the edge.
Dear Daughter said, "you still have us" and I say thank goodness for that. I would HATE them to move too!!!

Anyway, they are keeping in touch. They took their car and have spent a few days visiting friends in Canberra and Newcastle on the way. I had a call from him yesterday and they have arrived safely and are in their new house (albeit with no furniture except a blow-up mattress, TV, toaster and kettle until all their wordly goods arrive in three days!).

I have been keeping myself busy sewing. DH gave me a new sewing machine for Christmas. More about that another day......