17 January 2007

The finished products

Here are the results of the recycled jeans, plus some new floral material, plus some new dark blue cloudy material. I must stop sewing with denim now. What next?

Fridge magnet notebook & pen holder

wall hanging

Quilt with hearts and 2 cats designed by ME

Quilt, bolster cushion (designed by ME) and wall hanging which holds my scissors etc. for sewing

Handbag designed by ME.

I start work next Tuesday. I decided I will work 9 - 4.30 with 1/2 hour for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If anything crops up I can change my days or hours to suit myself. I only want to have 1/2 an hour for lunch as I don't want to walk into town and be tempted by shopping and dim sims and chips! I will take my own healthy lunch. I will also make sure I jog on my tramp before work, as I will be spending those days sitting and typing all day. How exciting!


2paw said...

Wow, when you decide to do something, you really do it!! Everything is so lovely, especially the quilt!!!

kathrynoh said...

I love the quilt. The other things are great too, but the quilt is especially striking.

I'm with you on having half hour for lunch. I hate long lunch breaks - I'd much rather get home earlier.

Mary said...

I am really loving the quilt too and to know you made it yourself, impressive! YAY for the job too :-)

Zanna said...

You just amaze me - you're so talented!

I've tagged you - see my blog - hope you don't mind.


Leighanne said...

You are so talented you could open a shop!! - or at least a market stall:)

caramelkitkat said...

I'm with Leighanne on the market stall, particularly as I was just wondering what you do with everything you make. The handbags spring to mind - do you get to use them all? You seem to whip things up with such flair and ease and they would sell like hotcakes.

Not that you will probably have as much time with going back to work, how brilliant that you can pick your hours?!

I'm going to the Huon Valley and Hobart this weekend - cannot wait! Hope your weekend is just as good.

Julie's journey said...

Im with everyone else. What a great looking quilt. How clever and creative. Enjoy work next week - looking forward to hearing about your first day.

Anne said...

One very talented lady with a real eye for design. Do love the quilt!!

Jadey 0:-) said...

All your jeans stuff has turned out fabulously! You really are a most talented woman.

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Suzy :)

The denim pockets are adorable and I love the way they look. I also love the quilt and the handbag and want you to open a business!!!!!!!!!! :D

I have been crocheting some things lately and think I will show them to you via my blog very soon. :) I would love to have your expert opinion on them.

Thank you for your continual support of me, honey. It certainly helps me to know that you're there. I have a feeling that this year WILL be a great one for us both!

amanda j said...

Wow, you have gone to town with your sewing! My advice is to trawl web sites - you will find inspiration.